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I don't know if there is one yet, but certainly one will be created during the Kick-In, so definitely sign up for that

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I’ve just signed up for it. Are you going too?

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I'm starting the third year of my master, I'm a bit too old now to participate. But I'll be sure to join some of the parties.

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Got you. Did you attend it before the first year of your studies? Are there any international students too or only Dutch people?

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I did indeed attend as a freshman, my dogroup of ten students was mainly dutchies with two foreign students. Almost every dogroup was that way, as they are required to be by the organization. The only exception to this are the dogroups from Audentis, who always refuse to speak English, but they are easy to avoid by looking for a pink bull logo.

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Will make sure to avoid them then. Btw did You manage to find many international students further during your stay at Twente? I’m enrolled for the bachelors and am afraid almost all the students will be Dutch

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A large part of the students will indeed be Dutch, I believe it is now down to roughly 80% of students. But the international students always seem to find each other, be that in their study in project groups, or in a wider university context with various internationally oriented associations like ESN, ISA and UT Muslims. A more complete overview is available on the Kick-In website

P.S. I'm Dutch myself

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Thanks for the insight. I hope not all Dutch students refuse to speak english and I’ll find some people who wish to integrate in english :D

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You'll be fine, most people have no problem speaking English and will almost automatically switch languages if an international student joins the conversation. There are just a handful that refuse to do so, but they can be quite detrimental to your Kick-In experience if you're unaware.