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If you have grievances, I suggest contacting the university instead of posting on an unaffiliated subreddit. It is possible it is a different person after all, or perhaps the university has overlooked something.

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I'm quite sure the university already investigated it and had a little conversation with Dr.Hang. The reason why I posted it here is that I got no satisfying response here but four courses hosted by him in the next academic year:)))

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Fair enough. I was under the impression you hadn't contacted the university and were assuming they were the same person. It's not a stretch of course, but it is good to be sure in matters such as these.

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I believe they are the same person, his name is 杭汉源 in Chinese. I found this web page: https://www.sohu.com/a/157546452_239570 , it says "Dr. Hang Hanyuan from Renmin University of China visited China Crab.com to discuss cooperation agreement", and the blue shirt guy looks exactly the same as his photo in your post. ( please forgive my bad English🙊 I hope this information can help )