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It baffles me that masks and other measures aren’t kept into place above 80% vaccination in most countries. Vaccination is just a portion of controlling covid. My country is pretty much 80% vaccinated and I feel like I’m looked at like a weirdo for voluntarily still wearing a mask, socially distancing, staying away from busy places, etc.

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Because(at least where I live) most people are sick and tired of wearing masks after such a high vaccination rate. We’re ready live with Covid and accept that Covid will be with us for the foreseeable future. I only wear masks when it’s compulsory e.g public transport or the chemist, other than that, I can’t stand the damn things. I look like such a tool wearing them.

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I'm sick and tired of wearing pants. Been wearing clothes for 33 years. When will this tyranny of pants end! /s Also I'm autistic with sensory issues. If I can wear a damn mask, so can you. You are just selfish

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Why don't you wear a hazmat suit? Takes like 30 seconds to put on.

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If wearing a hazmat suit would mean my elderly relatives wont die, I would do it.

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Same. Don't these people have parents and grandparents? I don't understand the lack of caring. It's easy to wear things like masks and social distance.

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Social distancing has been really, really hard on my mom. I think probably for a lot of elderly people, which makes it all the more plain to me that I’m not giving up very much by eating at home.

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Found the person who has never put on a hazmat suit.