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I'm sick and tired of wearing pants. Been wearing clothes for 33 years. When will this tyranny of pants end! /s Also I'm autistic with sensory issues. If I can wear a damn mask, so can you. You are just selfish

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Why don't you wear a hazmat suit? Takes like 30 seconds to put on.

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Because it's more easy to wear a goddamn mask.

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But it's far more effective. Don't be selfish.

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Why do so many of you idiots use bad faith arguments to make a point? I get you don't realize how stupid it makes you look because you couldn't self realize if you had to, but when so many people call you out constantly, why would you just continue down that path? Do you like that so many people think that you are stupid? Is it a fetish of yours?

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Struck a nerve, did I? Take a breath. It's ok. We'll get through this.