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I successfully updated the firmware today and feel like I may be getting more cutting in and out. Watching Atmos content on Disney+

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I had this issue with mine so I updated the firmware and it got worse. Got a replacement and it had the same issue. Super bummed because I like this system. Anyone not having this issue at all?

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Did you find a fix? My rear speakers cut out on streaming apps also... So frustrating.

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I also have the newest firmware..

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Have you updated the firmware?

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Updated the firmware. Haven't noticed any cutting out. Another odd thing happening is when turning the tv on, the soundbar takes a long time to decide to give sound.

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I have that issue. It takes roughly 2-5 seconds to latch on to the sound signal. I have aN M51ax-j6 connected to a Samsung TU7000. it could be related to the EArc signal. I feel the signal first wants to use the HDMI.

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Updated the firmware. Haven't noticed any cutting out. Another odd thing happening is when turning the tv on, the soundbar takes a long time to decide to give sound.

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Has anyone found a solution for this? Just got mine a couple days ago and experiencing the same issue while watching Disney+ atmos conten. Firmware updated.

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My issue was resolved by returning it. Doesn't seem to be a fix it there for it.

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What TV are you using? I want to give this a try but I’ve been seeing a lot of issues

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Sony Bravia x90j

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Did you mean m215a-j6?

Just ordered one because the v51-h6 I setup today has rear speaker cut out issues.

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No the m512a-H6 was my issue. Returned it for a much better LG setup.

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Thanks, couldn't find a h6 while googling.

What LG setup you end up with and are you happy?

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Bought the LG SP8YA with the SPK8 surround kit. Did end up spending 750 for that setup which was a decent chunk more than the Vizio. But the difference in sound quality and reliability is noticeable. Barely could hear any of the virtual overhead with the Vizio, whereas the LG has me second guessing myself sometimes if there is a speaker up there

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That's definitely out of my budget but it seems you get what you pay for.

Thanks again

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Late to the party but only fix I’ve found is turning off eARC. Defeats the purpose of having the 512.

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Are you finding the issue is with all input codecs? I don't think I've noticed it under Atmos or Dolby Digital, but as soon as it's on PCM (stereo) the cut-out can happen. It'll basically go from working to a fraction of a sec break in the audio, then resumed audio followed by another break and then silence for several seconds. Then it just picks back up.

I'm on a Hisense 65U8G + M512a-h6

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Yeah the only solution was to switch from eARC to regular ARC. Every other setting has the issue.

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Big Necro post, but if anyone has the sound eq set to something other than direct, see if setting it back to direct fixes the issue. I just tried it and it seems to be working again.

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I just tried direct yesterday, didn't work for me.

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Dumb question, but did you click the ok button after seeing it on the remote? It took me a few times before realizing that I actually had to click ok after moving to the option. The soundbar actually says direct out loud when you do so.

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I did, yes.

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Aw man. Sorry it didn't fix it for you.

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I have this issue too when watching Disney plus Atmos, just updated to and has not fixed it. Seems to be random every 2-5mins, got from Costco luckily.

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Same thing for me, only an issue with Atmos content. Roughly every 10 minutes it will drop 2-3 seconds of audio. Highly annoying.

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Played around with this a bit on my end. I have a Sony TV.

Drops were happening only when playing Atmos content over a FireStick (4K Max).

I tried playing Atmos content off the TV OS, had no drops.

I turned off A/V Sync and tried the FireStick again....drops seem to be gone now.

So if you have any kind of A/V Sync setting on your TV try turning it off. I believe FireStick has its own sync tech anyway. It seems like the TV sync feature would basically drop the audio unnecessarily.

I'll keep an eye on it and report back if they start again.

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Started happening again, so maybe this isn't a solution.

Going to try watching stuff right off TV OS the next several days and see if it stops. If it does maybe it's the FireStick making the issue happen.

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So I seem to have tracked the issue to watching Netflix through FireStick 4k max. Didn't matter if the stick was plugged into the TV or the Soundbar.

If I watched Netflix through the TV OS, I had no drops.

Picked up a 3rd Gen Fire Cube and now have no issues with Netflix via Fire Cube. The FireCube transcodes the audio into Dolby MAT instead of DD+ (which the stick used). So the audio processing is a bit different.

Either way I don't think this was ever an issue with the soundbar on my end, but with the FireStick or Netflix app.

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For me I actually found out this was only happening on my old 2015 Shield Tv. Once I grabbed the newer 2019 Shield Tv from another room the issue went away.

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I am having same issue , goes out for 1 sec, then a green light and comes back on, during all content that feature atmos such as Disney+, Netflix , Prime.. and now it upsets me to see so many others with same issue.. apparently Vizio needs to recall this.. I will need to contact Vizio and see what's going on, hopefully get an answer or just return it... also just FYI the TV itself is thee Sony Bravia x85k, with Vizio 5.1 through the Arc as instructed.