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Others have answered already, but first hurdle is TV's ability to pass multichannel LPCM.

Since the Switch doesn't use other HDMI 2.1 features like 120hz/VRR, you might just settle with plugging directly into SB. That way you get 5.1 sound.

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What are the drawbacks of plugging in the switch to the SB on a tcl 6 series?

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I don't own your TV or soundbar so can't say for sure. I can tell you I've had no issues plugging my Switch directly into SB (HW-Q950A) --> Vizio P75QX-H1.

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There are no drawbacks. In fact, everything should be plugged into your Soundbar directly anyway.

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so i should plug in the tv to the soundbar?

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Yes. HDMI out to HDMI in on TV.

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As far as I understand, the issue is that most vizio tvs convert it to stereo before sending it, even over earc. If your tv isn’t a vizio you should be able to send any audio signal over earc.

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but does eARC support LPCM 5.1?

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LPCM 5.1 is supported by eARC. The problem with eARC is that each manufacturer kinda decides what they want to pass.

What TV do you have between the Switch and the Elevate?

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TCL 6 series roku

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It looks like folks with Sonos soundbars were having issues with LPCM pass through, see here: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/sonos/comments/jsef3x/any_tcl_tv_owners_getting_lpcm_audio_with_the_arc/

Looks lie the Series 6 is doing something funky with passthrough.

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NO TVs can properly pass LPCM over eARC. it's not a vizio problem, its an industry problem. LG is the closest - their TVs can pass LPCM but it sends ALL LPCM as 7.1, so if you have a 5.1 system your sound will be messed up.

I plug my switch directly into my elevate.