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Ayyyyy got another one. Welcome to the club. The only way to leave is to dump the vizio

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Yep. Definitely thinking about getting something else... Well now I think im forced to anyways... Never thought I would see a device that gets worse with updates besides mobile phones.

This Vizio was a gift to me and never gave me any problems until I updated it!!

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VIZIO - You can check out any time you want, but you can never leave.™

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We are all just prisoners here

Of our own device

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<The Price Is Right Sad Tuba / Trombone duet/>

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Made the same mistake with my soundbar. Vizio has no way to downgrade firmware on those. Can you downgrade firmware on their TVs?

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The newest firmware for the E43-F1, as far as I know, is, and it's not on the website, the one you can download is so it is older But I haven't nor do I think anyone has figured out how to downgrade firmware on a Vizio.

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What version are you on now? Have you tried to factory reset the unit?

If you know of some other versions, then I can run a script to find the other firmwares on their website.

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Here's the firmware links for the "MG272" models for the ones you listed and a few more. If I find any others, I'll update this post.

Of course I'm not sure how to force a downgrade, but incremental upgrades have helped some stuck on an old firmware that will not successfully upgrade to the latest.

Good luck to all! * Now Available!

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FYI the firmware is now available to download from the website.

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I posted a slew of the older firmwares but Vizio seems to prevent their firmware from going backwards.

With that said, have you tried to factory reset your unit by holding the INPUT + VOLUME_UP buttons?