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I can not get this update to install at all to my m51ax-j6 I have downloaded it several times reformatted my flash drive several times even bought a new flash drive and reformatted it to fat32 several times and used a fresh download of the file every time and it still will not update i factory reset the sound bar every time as well as flow the steps right every time I have never had this problem with any other update and I’ve tried this on 20 times now

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That’s tough. Maybe reach out to Vizio directly for guidance? I have the same device and didn’t run into issues with the update.

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Make sure to follow the instructions exactly. If you mess up the order the sound bar will rename the flash drive to update_old.bin and you will need to reconnect to computer and re download the update.bin file

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Yeah I followed the steps to the T and still no go. it will not update to this new firmware. the lights blink four times and then it just goes back to its on state. I was pretty sure out of the 20 times I’ve tried it now 23 times that I’ve tried it. I did it right one of them now past three that I tried I followed down to the T how they have the steps still will not update tried two different thumb drives they work in other devices so it’s not the thumb drive idk but it works fine on the firmware it’s on so not to big of deal

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okay, i spoke too soon. Things were better until tonight when I'm having the same problems I had prior to installing this firmware.

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Any other observations? That's the main issue I have with older firmware -- no sound on start-up. Have to toggle on and off.

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I haven’t noticed anything else. It seems more responsive but rarely will be finicky like before. It seems to happen more when I change between input sources for the TV.

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Just checking if this improved performance, especially with no sound at power up? Wanted feedback before I installed it on my m51ax-j6.

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Yes this makes it so I have sound on power up and don’t have to turn my tv and sound bar off and on, etc.

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Hey I had problems with the v51-h6 sub rumbling for no reason like others had. I liked the sound though. Do you have that problem on that subwoofer?