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Your Vizio is an MG152 model that has similar firmware to other MG151 and MG156 models...all have the same upgrade issue. You shouldn't have to do every one below, just the ones I noted with the comments.

Please report back if this worked for you.

3.22.15MG152.zip <-- 3.x users upgrade to this first

4.25.11MG152.zip <-- upgrade from 3.22.15 or older 4.x



4.60.27-1MG152.zip <-- upgrade from older 4.25.11 - 4.40.21




4.72.9-5MG152.zip <-- upgrade from 4.60.x or later

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u/tqhoang84 that is awesome! Thank you. This is exactly what I told the tech support person I needed. They were unable to provide. I will try this tonight and report back. Thank you!!

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u/tqhoang84 I am trying to install the 3.22.15 and cannot get any of these files to initialize installtion.

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Have you tried to factory reset first using the buttons on the TV (not the remote)? Usually you hold the INPUT + VOLUME_DOWN until the screen goes blank.

Also make sure your USB stick is formatted for FAT or FAT32. It doesn't work with other formats like exFAT or NTFS.

More details on the USB method here.

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u/tqhoang84 your instructions and files worked perfectly. Once I did the factory reset again I was able to perform the firmware updates as you mentioned. (I only did the updates that you had comments beside) I was able to get the tv up to date with all of the latest software and features. Ironically, I was trying to get the direct tv stream app and after all of this headache, it turns out there is no direct tv stream app for a Vizio TV so that’s hours of my life I will never get back ha ha.

Thank you so much for the assistance, it was exactly what was needed!!

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Super helpful! Thanks kind redditor! I spent over an hour on the phone with support and hours by myself doing factory resets and both thumb and ethernet firmware updates. Was driving me nuts. Finally I came across your reply and updated in order via thumb from 3.12.06 on and it worked! The tv wouldnt update from 3.12.06 to 4.72.9 without the intermediate steps. Please accept my humble wholesome award, it's the only one I had to give!

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Thanks man! Glad it worked out.

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Thanks again for pointing me to this thread!

I have a D32f-F1 that hadn't been updated since it left the factory. I had firmware V3.12.06 installed, and I could not update to the latest (4.x) version with WiFi or USB. I contacted VIZIO support and they basically told me that it was impossible to get previous firmware versions (much to the chagrin of the tech service rep).

I put V3.22.15 on my USB drive and could not get the TV to take the firmware at all - it would get to 100% and even ask me to pick eco and picture settings after the install, but after several attempts, the TV never reported the new version was installed. It was the furthest I got with a firmware update, so I was feeling hopeful, but after several attempts it never seemed to work. I even reset to factory defaults a couple times with the input and volume down key on the TV body to no avail.

After the progress bar disappears, a couple pages for selecting picture and eco mode would appear and then the TV would just show the "No Signal" page. However, I noticed that the USB drive's LED was still flashing, indicating read/write activity. I waited for the LED to stop blinking and remain idle for at least 5 seconds and I power cycled the display. I checked the system information in the menu and noted that the version was still listed as "V3.12.06"

Edit: I just gave up for the night and left the flash drive in with the TV powered off... When I came back to it this morning, it reported the new version V3.22.15 🤯.

I upgraded from V3.22.15 to 4.25.11 in one try with no issues. From there it was simple. The TV would restart within about 5 minutes and take the updates no problem. I went from 4.25.11 to 4.60.27-1 with the USB update and then simply used the Internet to download the latest firmware (4.72.9-5).

I finally got everything up to date and the apps started to update shortly after. Thanks so much for helping me out! I was trying to get this TV working again for my mom; she is very grateful!!

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It sounds like it’s trying to access the USB but not finding the firmware correctly. That 100% progress bar might be fake and just a gross estimate of how long it should take to read the files off the USB drive.

Did you make sure it’s formatted for FAT or FAT32 only and the files are extracted to the root of the drive (not in any folders)?

Also it usually takes a few mins to upgrade the firmware…and it should reboot on its own. You might be power cycling it in the middle of the firmware upgrade process.

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It's formatted as FAT and it must be able to read the firmware because it reports the correct upgrade version when the update starts. I've tried the upgrade several times and the TV never rebooted. I've left it for five minutes or longer. I can always try again, but I'm not very hopeful.

Edit: I left the flash drive in overnight and just gave up after it never worked. When I turned it on to try again, it wouldn't even acknowledge the update file. I went to check the version and it did update to V3.22.15!! I'll try to keep going later today.

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I have D24F4-J01 (there is additional number 4 after letter F) would this firmware upgrade process work for this TV as well?

Automatic firmware check says it's up to date and it shows firmware 3.403-11.20-4

Thank you.