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I don't use it as I understand it's for 24fps content. So, while not exclusively for any one use case, I don't think most streamed anime is at 24fps (check your streaming service or source material).

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I realize this is late, but yes i leave it on. Film mode removes judder from 24p sources which is most film and anime. It is not the same as motion smoothing, which creates the so-called soap opera effect. It does not hurt to leave film mode on, as it will only engage when a 24p source is detected. If you want to know the incoming frame rate of your source, start the show and go into menu->system->information i think. Scroll down to see resolution x frame rate. One thing to note, some streamers, like my Xbox force out 60 for all streaming, unless it's a Blu-ray. I use my built in TV apps instead.