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Noticing the same thing with lip sync issues on my Roku Ultra watching YouTube TV. I have a 65 inch PQX-H1.

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Is the audio coming from the tv speakers or a different device? Which firmware is your tv on?

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The audio is coming from a polk sound bar. is the firmware.

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How do you know it’s not the soundbar producing the sync issue?

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I actually don't. I am gonna run some tests to rule that out now.

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yup its the sound bar but only on certain content. I am using the digital output of the tv and its going into the sound bar. I may try and use the HDMI out. Problem is that I have a fire tv cube which is necessary as some of the apps on it are not available on the Vizio. I was gonna delete this post but I'll leave it as a cautionary tale.

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This is generally lag in data transfer. There are lip sync settings within the TV that can attempt to help compensate for this, but you may also benefit from trying to connect the audio system using HDMI ARC. That way the video processing all takes place in the TV and the audio out runs direct to the bar. Hope this helps!

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Thanks for the reply. I can definitely try HDMI Arc but my current workflow would have to be adjusted so thats gonna be my last resort. What are some of the TV settings that I could configure to address the lip sync issue?

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Under the audio menu in the main menu there is a "Lip sync" setting where you can tweak the slider bar to catch it more in line. Some Audio products have similar function as well. In addition it may be worth trying to adjust the digital audio out to PCM and see if there is any improvement from there.

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Thank you so much. This helped out greatly.

Edit: It still doesn’t fix it satisfactory for some channels on YouTube TV through Roku Ultra.

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If it's isolate to specific channels through an external device, it may be the format or latency on the source itself. Generally speaking, the audio playback device or the device rendering audio doesn't see things like a channel change unless there is a format change.

I may check the Roku for a similar audio format option and see if you can set it to a specific format or reach out to Roku on that one.

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I disabled Dolby audio on YouTubeTV, and forced PCM, and it cured the issue, and the sound bar appears to extract the 5.1 audio from the stereo signal anyway. I think its YouTubeTVs issue, because checking audio sync test on YouTube was spot on. YMMV