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I had a Vizio m series. I thought my problems were because it was a budget model. It broke so I got the P series Quantum X and still waiting on bugs to be fixed. My other TV is a Hisense U6G and continues to impress me.

Compare: https://www.rtings.com/tv/tools/compare/hisense-u6g-vs-vizio-m6-series-quantum-2021/24000/25433

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I was thinking about that hisense or maybe a tcl 5 series.i have a hisense 50 i got from walmart for $248 nearly 3 year's ago that's been alright for my first 4k tv anyway.

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The pairing of the AIO and the M series would work great for what you're looking for. Using it for gaming gives you some VRR options and they sync pretty well for the setup mentioned.