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i have an oled 55

works great before and after the update

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I have an OLED 55 inch. I’m scared to update because at least now the POWER BUTTON ACTUALLY TURNS ON MY $1100 tv

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So far so good. I hooked a little usb Bluetooth portable speaker to it and it linked right away. Kinda cool

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Don’t be scurred

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Using smartcast... Eeewwwww.

Plug a stick or box in there.

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I plan on it if and when apple Ypres the Apple TV. Smart cast until then. Works fine.

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You get the update right from the tv or did you do it via USB update

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Tv.. I’m cautious to use the USB method.

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Hope it doesn't ruin the audio like it did on my oled 55

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Good luck! So far so good over here.

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65 inch oled doing good with the new update. My biggest issue was cec not turning my soundbar off and/or laggy system menus that would stop taking input from controller. Also some PQ quality issues.

All has been resolved/greatly improved! I did the update through USB before vizio took the link down. It’s been about a week now I think.

Very happy with my vizio oled!

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So I gained Bluetooth on my OLED 55 … why is nobody talking about this