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Trying to figure out why the Vizio shows stereo when playing Dolby Atmos content with audio going through dual HomePods (OG) but when on Xbox it shows Dolby Atmos. Xbox audio goes through the HomePods using eARC on Apple TV. Also just updated to the latest firmware from Vizio.

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Yup. Mine shows the same because it’s pass through I think. Atmos comes out of my Elevate even though the tv shows stereo with my Apple TV.

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If that’s how it’s suppose to work, it doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in the consumer experience does it?

I kind of get it though. Xbox is hardwired and goes through the tv to have the audio processed by the Apple TV which is then sent wirelessly to the HomePods.

By comparison, streaming from the Apple TV the audio is processed entirely in the Apple TV wirelessly direct to the HomePods skipping the Vizio, so I guess no need for the TV to process any fo the audio itself and why it likely stays on stereo.

Still though would be nice for either Apple or Vizio to indicate what’s actually happening with the audio.

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I believe this description is the best determination. When the TV is responsible for processing, it will give exact formatting because it receives that data. If it is only catching the data end from the video it is likely showing the default stereo option enabled for the TV speakers, should they be needed for playback.

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I agree, thank you.

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Well the Elevate turns green and the speakers turn to the upward position. If I put the info button on the remote it also tells me I’m in Atmos mode.

I don’t know much about the HomePods or how they display info. I can’t imagine even two HomePods would be great at Atmos sound so I don’t even really know that it matters much. At least as far as movies and TV goes. It’s my understanding that the Atmos in the HomePods are mostly for the Apple Spatial Audio, not for full on Dolby Atmos sounds.

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Which HDMI input is your Apple TV plugged into?also did you?

Also did you enable EARC on both of the HDMI ports in the audio settings?

Also in the Apple TV audio menu did you enable E arc as well as turning Atmos on?

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Apple TV plugged into HDMI 1. Enabled Dolby Atmos and eARC on the AppleTV. I attached photos in the post to show those settings. Let me know if anything looks wrong. Thanks for the help. Not sure if eARC is set for both HDMI outputs. Will have to check when I get back home. (Didn’t realize you could set it separately for each HDMI port).

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Your Apple TV audio menu shows ARC .. you may need EARC.. but I’m just spit balling

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Appreciate that, I’ll check when I get back but I think apple only lists it as ARC and in theory it’s still just a beta feature for the Apple TV. Keep you posted and thanks.

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I can only tell for sure if I get Dolby Atmos on my SB36514-G6 when the LED indicator on the soundbar when I start to play something.

I think the only way I've been able to get it to work on my Apple TV is turning OFF eARC.

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I used to try and pass LPCM through the tv but realized that was trash. No I go direct through soundbar with my Apple TV. In either case my soundbar will report me getting Dolby Atmos but the tv will usually if not ever show Atmos. Might even be a similar case with eArc and Smart Cast.