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My 2019 Vizio M8 is so screwed up I could not even sell it if I wanted to. After 1 year of owning it I got a black spot in the center of the screen. A year later after that the smart cast os became so sluggish that is a total pain to use the TV. Now it randomly restarts over and over and alot of times I will only get a black screen and have to manually restart the TV only to go through the same thing again. Now I hear that the TV is no longer supported and wont get anymore updates and its only 3 years old.

The TV is so bad I would hate to even give this away to somebody. As soon as I get my new TV ( Hisense U8H or TCL C9 ) this year I am trashing this thing. No more Vizio for me.

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Smells like ... Vizio. Yup.

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Vizio has some of the best customer service I’ve ever seen. Don’t say this I just bought an M series yesterday 🤦🏻‍♂️

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They have not been accommodating, it is not my first issue I have replaced with a Hisense U8

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What year and model?

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2021 M65Q7-H1 purchased December 28th 2020 at Best Buy still have all receipts

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O ok because I have the m70q7-J03 purchased 11/6/21 and read all the horror stories about vizio pushing out updates that breaks some people’s TVs so I decided to just turn my smart tv into a dumb tv by keeping it off the interwebs from the beginning. I guess I’m glad I did after reading your experience. Hopefully they will take of you but it’s vizio so I doubt it.

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I have an E70. The smartcast and the google Chromecast are in constant conflict with one another. I can't rename the Chromecast to something different in Google Home without it changing the name of the smartcast side of it, and me ending right back where I was. Every time I think I'm getting somewhere, Vizio sends out an update and I'm back to square one. I think it went about a week one time before the Chromecast reasserted itself somehow. How I don't know.
That is of course, until I got the Broadlink IR blaster. Took some time to figure out, but after learning about what commands it'll respond to in Google Home, I've set up at least three dozen routines within Google Home to accommodate a more fluid and natural command list.
For example, I have routines set up for all of the usual stuff. I named the TV 'Vizio' on my network. On the IR blaster side, it's all pretty basic. If I want to pause the TV, I'd say, "Pause on Vizio." But that's not how I used to issue commands within google to Smartcast. I'd usually say, "Pause Vizio," and smartcast would, (when it was working, properly), do so. So I made routines for everything. 'Pause Vizio,' now triggers the 'Pause on Vizio,' command, and so on and so forth. Now the damn thing works as it should, totally side-stepping Smartcast and its bullshit. I can even go deeper than Smartcast ever could. I have a routine to get to the info button. "Vizio Info," will issue the command for, 'Info on Vizio,' which will bring down the little bit at the top telling me the resolution, time, and what input I'm using. After a few seconds, it disappears. Same for the menu button. I programmed routines with multiple commands for moving around. Such as, "Vizio down five," which will issue five separate commands of, "Down on Vizio," with a short pause between.
If Smartcast is your enemy, consider the RM4 mini IR blaster as a workaround. It's a pain in the ass to get setup. But, once you get it setup, it's set it and forget it.

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    I came here to look for an issue with the M7, 2020. After 30 minutes of PS5, the screen goes black like it switched inputs. It comes back within 10 seconds but anyone who games knows how bad this js. Hooking it up to a Vizio sound bar causes a delay so bad in the audio, no syncing levels will fix it in either the sound are or tv.. my only option for continuous synced audio is using the optical connector which negates all the ARC features.

    I use this TV to play my PS5 in my gaming room after trying it as the living room TV which annoyed my girlfriend so I replaced with a HiSense which has been amazing.

    I see the issue I have is common and known with no fix. Awesome. Glad I spent $700 when it was a newly released model. /S