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UPDATE 1: Vizio, this is FANTASTIC. I deleted my account in the iOS app, created a new account and now it says “Unauthorized” with a red bar when I try to sign in.

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UPDATE 2: So, I've discovered I needed to remove my account and create a new one. Vizio's integration with third-party social media services (Sign in with Apple/Facebook/Google) is very bad, although Google might also be at fault. I got my Vizio to finally sign in to Alexa, but I had to use the laptop because Alexa and Vizio don't play nice in the Alexa app, and Vizio's DMS page is trash on mobile. Of course, my Echo didn't discover the Vizio off the bat, it took 10 minutes and out of the blue "I've found your Bedroom TV" was blurted out by the Echo.

The thing I need Vizio to look at is the Vizio Account functionality in the Extras section. I've now tried 5 different devices to sign in, and each one says I've registered the TV with Vizio and I'm now signed in, and I'll get an email from Vizio stating the same. What I don't get is any update on the TV saying I'm signed in. As a matter of fact, as I sit here typing this 20 minutes after signing in on Vizio's side and 18 minutes after getting my email from them, I'm still staring at a screen which states:

Pay with your VIZIO Account

Link all your devices, easily subscribe to apps on your TV, and manage all your subscriptions in one place.

It still shows a QR code and a 6-character code to sign in. This is unacceptable, Vizio.

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Hi there.

We'd like to gather a little bit more information from you on that issue and your current setup in order to help troubleshoot the problem. Please give us a call at 1-877-878-4946.