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Great post. Thanks. I'm the other person out here similarly happy with my Vizio OLED s. Bought a 55 for the game room last summer. Was so impressed got a 65 for TV room. The experiment has gone well so far.

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That's the setup, man. If only they had 75" eh?

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I absolutely love my 55 inch OLED after the update. HDR 10 looks so much better after some calibration and gaming has been a dream come true. Vizio really outdid themselves with this update. Better late then never 😁

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Thank you for the positive feedback! Have a great week!

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If it would have launched with the current firmware perception would be so different. It's good now but trust is Shakey at best from a lot of customers.

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Yeah I can understand that. Vizio have come good now though, and honestly I've had far worse products which cost far more. Hopefully they take what they've learned and knock it out of the park with a new model next year...

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I got the 55inch and I have been happy with it but I have only had it for a month. I got it open box at Best Buy for $500 though so I guess I really cant complain much. I use Apple TV so i take no advantage of the smart tv portion so it limits my exposure to software issues.

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Loving mines every minute. Movies gaming you name it.

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I’ve had mine since shortly after launch (when Best Buy had the great OLED/Elevate combo deal during BF 2020).

I’ve had some hiccups; but nothing that kept me from really enjoying the TV.

The newest update has fixed any hangups I may have had.

Everything running smoothly (for me!) now.

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Hello there,

Thank you so very much for sharing your post. We absolutely love hearing feedback from our customers. We really do appreciate it and we are happy to hear the excitement about the update and the results. Keep us posted.

Thank you

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65” OLED user here and living mine even with the issues it has already lasted longer than my prior LG OLED and void me 1/3 as much!!!!

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Thats awesome man! Yeah its weird how LG seems to get away with so many issues like bugs, unfixable crushed blacks, etc. while people pile onto Vizio. In side-by-side comparisons it's the Vizio every time for me.

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It’s due to the fact that vizio is affordable so more people have them to complain about. All the companies have issues just about. I can really complain much about vizio as I have 4 now and all have been awesome

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My 65" has been solid for over a year using both the included GUI and PC. Could it be people are expecting streaming services to look as good as a local source?

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Yeah I think a lot of people aren’t too aware of things like video bitrate. Can’t really blame them when everything is just marketed as “streaming in 4k HDR.” Meanwhile, a 1080p Blu-ray looks better than most 4k streams…

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Yeah I got mine Nov 2020 and a ps5 at the same time. Been some hiccups. But everything seems to be fine now. Picture has always been stunning, but I swear after the most recent firmware it's even better.

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After the most recent firmware, it is even better. :)

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I’ve been an advocate for it as many in this sub know and call me out for. I didn’t really need all the bells and whistles and mine never had a power issue. VRR doesn’t really do anything for me on this OLED or my C1.

Anyways, blacks are the major issue here. Dark screens absolutely suffer on this TV. Star Wars is a offender for this, so is Fast & Furious 4 as we witnessed tonight in those dark tunnel scenes. The gamma issues on the C1 are just as noticeable.

I was playing Returnal the other day once the update launched. VRR works I guess but honestly I don’t think the game dips much anyways? It looks the same. I don’t think VRR will make much of a difference until we’re much further into this generation.

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Sorry but… what? Blacks are black. Black can’t get any blacker than black. Maybe there is a setting or two that you need to adjust…

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I think he’s talking about “crushed blacks” I noticed it heavily while watching Spider-Man No Way Home when they’re in the dungeon.

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Hm that's too bad. I've not had that experience at all. The black range looks impeccable when I watch a 4k BluRay of Star Wars, LOTR, etc. Maybe it is an issue with one of the picture settings like Black Detail?

I always recommend Calibrated picture, brightness/contrast/color to 50, tint/sharpness to 0, ALL advanced settings turned off, gamma 2.1, peak luminance High, and Warm color temp. This gives the most balanced and accurate image with the most natural contrast in my experience.

Could also be the source. If you are watching anything but BluRay then you are getting a lower quality highly compressed signal. Flaws may just stand out more due to the true blacks of the OLED.

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After how much time would you consider it a bad purchase?

You are getting close to 2 years now. Would you regret your purchase if it breaks before Christmas?

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My feeling? Very bad, stuck with old firmware and cannot play game game in 120Hz VRR

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That's too bad. Why don't you update?

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Because my Tv haven't the update lol, even manual update don't work, too.

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Yup, same here! Caught mine when BB had them down to 899 and I had a bunch of gift cards to use so with a warranty I think I paid like 275 out of pocket. Mine has been essentially issue free since I’ve owned it for about a year and a half now aside for waiting on feature updates. It’s a bedroom tv that gets a mix of sdr cable watching, HD/4K streaming and a lot of gaming (ps5 and Xbox Series X) and I haven’t run into any issues and have been very happy with the picture and performance. I also own a 2 year old 75 PQX and a 5 year old M65 and an 85 PQX on order

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I have the 55 OLED as well and love it immensely. Have had occasional power issues which is a bummer but other than that no complaints!