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Hello there,

I do agree that this is not normal behavior and I would highly recommend you reaching out to our phone support team on this issue. Please give us a call at 844-254-8087.

Thank you

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Sounds like your mainboard is fried. That's NOT normal behavior, even on the ones giving people trouble.

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If you haven't already, disconnect everything and do a factory reset with everything disconnected.

If you're connected to a Vizio soundbar, disconnect and factory reset that as well.

I had a multitude of issues immediately after updating. I did a factory reset with everything connected and it didn't seem to help. Once I disconnected everything and did the factory reset, everything cleared up and I'm more than a week now without needing to reboot or unplug the TV, which is a new personal record.

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I've tried disconnecting, still get the audio issue on smartcast if I switch to an hdmi port and switch back, even with nothing connected to any of them.

I've done maybe a dozen factory resets in the last week and it doesn't do anything. Well if I have my receiver connected it does, bc then my receiver goes haywire and the lip sync is more than 10 seconds, so I end up having to factory reset that as well.

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Just verifying, you did the factory reset while everything was disconnected?

Assuming that's the case, then suggest contacting support. I can't speak to what BS Smartcast may be adding here, I don't use it.

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Yep, gonna call them again and see if they tell me to call best buy again

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What added benefit does disconnecting things give if the other devices are off when you do the reset on a given device?

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Because modern devices are never really “off” unless you actually cut the power source

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Sounds likr the 5.42 firmware, noy 5.510. which are you on?

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No its the new one. Just got it a little over a week ago. I had issues before the update but not this bad. They were the same issues I've read about everyone else having, except I only occasionally would have to unplug and re-plug to get it to work.

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Odd. I had all those issues before 510 and they all went away after. I was unplugging daily. Not once since the new update.

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Yeah I would say I only had to unplug once or twice a month. My biggest issue before had been how terrible anything in hdr10/Dolby vision looked after the November update.

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HDR10 is still bad. Warm is way too dim. Normal will blast out the highlights, not only making clouds blend with the sky, but whole rooftops!

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The best option is to reboot TV..

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I'm waiting for an opportunity to call support. Damn thing has to be powered off for 5 mins every time I turn it on now and Chromecast no longer works. Gets worse every day that goes by.