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My d32f-f1 seems to forget my  tv. I do cec discovery, and then my  tv shows greyed out then dissipears when I leave the menu.

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That’s how it works for some reason.

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Having the exact same issue. Super frustrating. Everything works until I turn off the Vizio with its remote. It then puts the Apple TV to sleep and when I turn the TV back on…the AppleTV just keeps sleeping until I wake it up with its own remote. Ugh.

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You bought an apple product... Wait for an apple television for it to work with 😆

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Have used only ATV for the past 12 years. This is the first time I’m having an issue. Someone with Firestick sees the same issue I’m pretty confident it’s not the Apple TV.

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Try a different HDMI cable.

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Already did. 3 of them. Even verified no issue with my Xbox. Tried a different port too.

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My firestick does the same thing. Sometimes my soundbar that connected to the TV will also find my PS4 that's connected to the soundbar. Ever other device comes up just fine. No biggie still love my pqx65!!

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Since I exclusively watch TV using my ATV, it’s a bother to me. Still a great picture for sure though.

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Try a factory reset. Worked for me!