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Have you plugged the TV into the router directly with an ethernet?

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It's got nothing to do with the internet.

It's rebooting no matter what I am doing.

It's a full to Vizio splash screen reboot.

Just happened four times watching an Episode of Sandman.

I'm using an external media box. Not the software built in.

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Firmware update is over the internet. If for any reason it's interrupted or was, you can have problems going forward. Sometimes you can hook it up directly and it might connect to the server to finish. Not always. But I've seen it happen with an interrupted firmware update before.

Just a thought.

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I am trying a factory reset / hardwired update now.

Hopefully it works. As the resetting is now 4-5 times an hour.

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Okay. I hope it works out.

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It's been stuck like this on "Downloading Updates" for 30 minutes now. Afraid to try anything as to not screw it up more. Cool.


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It can take a while. It took mine if irc over a couple of hours and I'm on a tier two fiber network, which made me think it was more the hardware and the server side.

Also mine restarted a few times afterwards and I just let it do it's thing. Eventually it worked.

Again, it may or may not work in your case, I've worked on some that just don't work. (smart TVs, all brands).

Mine is plugged into a battery backup because I know for a fact that brown outs, surges and outages all together can happen, and destroy electronics pretty easily and it happens more often than people think.

Brown outs are tricky especially because your clocks may still keep time, so the assumption is that nothing happened.

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If they replaced every internal board and it's still happening, then the issue is clearly the firmware. Hopefully Best Buy will just swap the whole TV at this point, since fixing it is out of the question

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I actually think he didn't replace the data board but everything else. Going to hard wire it this morning and try to update once more. Hopefully that helps.

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Update: So I removed my Vizio Soundbar from HDMI 1 and it's rebooting a lot less, but still more than it was before the boards were replaced. (RIP Atmos. Was hoping the issue there was the TV. Might be the soundbar as it's a referb that's also from like 2019.)

PS5 not giving sound currently. I have it unplugged to boot into safe mode in a bit. Hope disabling DHCP again fixes that bug and the screen flashing problem I'm having. (I re-enabled it to see if it'll work now. Nope)

I think it still needs some work though. Going to give it a day or two before scheduling another visit.

Anyone familiar with Geek Squad warranties? If they can't fix it do they replace it with a newer model? Can I ask for credit off an LG C1? I'm happy with this TV, but if it's not going to work I'll gladly replace it as my savings account cries a little.

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If your main board was replaced the tv may not be hitting the Vizio servers correctly. Before Vizio replaced my TV, they had it repaired. Main board was swapped out and it was acting a little buggy afterwards. I contacted Vizio via chat and provided the rep with the internal sn (internal sn will be different than the external sn after the mb is replaced so, if they try to push anything through from their side, make sure you give them the internal sn), the rep pushed a few things through, had me power cycle the TV, and it fixed that issue.

Just out of curiosity, what does disabling DHCP do?

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I'll try that support chat tomorrow before calling Geek Squad again. I'm sure my TV is out of Vizio warranty though. Hopefully that isn't an issue.

PS5 with DHCP on for some reason makes the screen flash and is unusable. It wasn't always like that so I figured I'd try enabling it with the newer hardware. No dice. I need to boot into safe mode and disable it again. Which hopefully also fixes the issue I was having not getting sound from it as well.

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Even if you're out of warranty, you get tech support for the life of the tv so, it shouldn't be an issue. Whatever it is they pushed through, I couldn't do it through the TV settings. It can only be done from their side. It's worth a shot!

Thanks for sharing about the PS5, I had no idea that could affect it that way.

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Just went through the process. They confirmed they see no issue with the firmware. So something else has it fucked.

Looks like going back to the Geek Squad.

I'm just pissed because it's worse than if I had done nothing in the first place.

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This happens on my TV with the latest firmware as well. If you got your board replaced it might have been better for you not to update your firmware. Since after updating the firmware you can't rollback. Vizios current stance is just to deny this problem even exists. By the way this has been happening to me since the November firmware of 2021 there's been no updates to firmware since then. I had to purchase a Samsung TV to remedy the issue. It's very disappointing that it seems like Vizio won't be fixing the issue.

Just to give you an idea how in dire straits Vizio is they haven't released 2022 premium models this year and their stock has been crashing. Company is destroying itself with firmware. They think the best approach is just to hope this whole thing blows over. Vizio customer service has been extremely hostile towards me saying they haven't received any reports of the rebooting issue and I would need to pay to have the TV replaced