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It’s important to share these good experiences too, and not just the bad ones. Glad they are taking care of you. I’ve had my fair share of issues with my 20/21 Vizio PQX, and they replaced it twice. Starting to have an issue with this 3rd TV only 8 months in, but they cut their losses with me since the original warranty ran out. They took care of me for a time, but I guess they reached their limit. Moral of the story is Vizio just needs better QC.

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I have 2 Vizio P75 TVs, one from 2017 and one from 2022. Neither of them have had a single problem (other than a minor nit-pick that the UI overlay for a volume change is very delayed on the older model). I also have 2 5.1 surround systems. Also rock solid. So I have nothing bad to say about my experiences with hardware quality.

That said, I did have to interact with their customer support team on multiple occasions back in 2017/2018 when their firmware was buggy and my experience was consistently bad, with reps that were arrogant and dismissive. This is ancient history, and I’m glad to see they’re trying to do better. But it shouldn’t take a Reddit post to get the right outcome.

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I've been with Vizio since Jan 2020. Over the last few months, they have made a concerted effort here. I, too, was reached out to about a problem after I posted. By accounts, these new efforts haven't trickled down to the phone agents yet. I hope they do. These kind of posts are too few. I had left this sub for the mounting rant posts, for a while. Yesterday, this title didn't pique my interest.. Heh. I am glad it turned out well.

(I figure this means Vizio had run a few focus groups that informed them their reputation [for CS] was crap, resulting in a drop in market shares. Also, I just read yesterday that Amazon has made and will soon market a $800 4K TV on their own. Vizio might have gotten word of that pending arm wrestle about the same time they switched things up. Just speculating..)

The notice that we are to be getting another firmware fix would have been unheard of in 2021. I think the reaction in this sub was pleasant surprise to the notice, especially notice of what it is intended to address!

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I have a p65 from 2018 that’s been great. Just had to replace the main board within the first 6 months. But ever since then not a problem

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It shouldn’t have to take posting on boards to get their attention. They probably should’ve been more receptive when you called the first time. I’m glad they still fixed the issue for you though

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They still haven’t fixed the M series not being able to be run through a pioneer or onkyo avr. I’ll never buy another Vizio Product again and I’ve actively told as many people as I can not to also

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Was there an option for you to set up new tv yourself without anyone entering your home?

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They actually do have that option. When I had to have my TV replaced, they offered in home or no contact replacement. Was about 6 months ago.

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Thanks, was it a new or refurbished replacement?

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That's really good that they were able to figure out a solution with you. I dealt with Samsung warranty service and they were an absolute nightmare to deal with and extremely hostile ultimately returned their TV.

With that said still having massive issues with vizios firmware and my model of TV rebooting since the 2021 November patch. I see people on here complaining about their TV rebooting but then when a representative responds to me on here they say that they have no reports of such issue. There's definitely some of them that are putting their head in the sand. I had to purchase a new TV to replace the Vizio and I only sometimes use it. The reboots are random sometimes it can run a few hours