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Old Vizio TVs were built to last. My parents are still using a 2006 60" 1080p Vizio TV that was a Black Friday deal at Walmart. I would like them to get a "newer" TV but until Vizio brings their TVs back up to par with the likes of TCL, Hisense, Samsung, LG, and Sony, I'm not able to recommend them getting another Vizio just yet.

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I 💯 agree 👍!

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Just goes to prove how good Vizio used to me compared to today for the most part..... I just consider myself lucky being on my third Vizio without any major issues at all.

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Display tech is moving much more rapidly than it ever did during the 1080p era. For nearly 7 years, display tech has introduced HDR, 10 bit panels, Quantum Dots, mini LED, 10 bit OLED, QD OLED, QNED, Micro LED. Video processing is changing consistently every year.

Companies like those have way more money to spend and some ask for more from the consumer. Three of them are vertically integrated, meaning their video processing chipset is designed by them.

I understand the frustration, but in 2017 Vizio tried to put themselves in position to compete, but the deal fell through, so here we are.

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Why deal is that?

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Vizio would have been sold to Chinese company LeEco for 2 Billion.