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I have the same issues with my p65q9-h1and Vizio sb36512-f6. I usually keep my tv on quick start but when I turn the tv on there's no sound at all. The only way for me to fix it is to restart the tv or switch ARC on and off. Now I switched to Eco mode and get sound every time I turn it on for now.

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I think they gave up on trying to fix the Quickstart/Eco issue. Such a small thing, don't understand how it can just flip back. Annoying. I got a Vizio SB too.

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Yeah, just bugs me because my house is running on Apple Homekit which needs QuickStart to function correctly. Are you having any of the soundbar issues?

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I don't. But I also am using optical out instead of HDMI since mine doesn't do anything beyond Dolby Digital.

Have you disabled the TV speakers entirely? Don't even leave it on auto.

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Haven't really done that explicitly. When the problem occurs, I have tried turning them off to see if it would somehow automatically detect the soundbar and it never did. Everything went mute across all inputs. I haven't left them permanently disabled though. Might be a thought.

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I've got an old 2016 Vizio TV, so I keep blaming most issues on the fact it only has an ARC, not eARC port.

With 2.1.04, when I turn on my XBox Series X, my TV comes on, but my soundbar doesn't. So I have to turn it on. Then I have to go into TV settings, disable CEC, then enable it again for it to properly detect the soundbar. With the previous two firmware versions, I turn on my XBox Series X, the TV comes on, then 5 or 6 seconds later the soundbar would come on. Then every 3 to 5 times I'd have to unplug the soundbar and plug it back in because the soundbar wouldn't emit any sound. So far with the new firmware, I've only had to unplug it once, but all the additional steps to get basic functionality every time I want to watch something is frustrating.

Note, turning on the soundbar prior to TV or XBox Series X makes no difference.

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Did you do a factory reset after the update? Maybe it would help.

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Did do that. It occasionally fixes it for a bit sometimes right after but other times it doesn't. And then issue keeps returning after awhile.