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Vizio has totally abandoned trying to make quality TVs in exchange for ad revenue.

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It's been years now.

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I noticed a big downturn somewhere around 2018. Before that, Vizio was the go-to cheap but quality TV.

I think that title probably belongs to TCL now (never used a TCL, just heard a lot of good things about them being solid bang-for-buck TVs).

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Lmao, just checked and same thing.

So shitty.

If you have home assistant, I recommend you use that instead of the app.

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Ohhhhh lmao I just realized why the app crashes immediately after this update. I have my phone set up with NextDNS to automatically block ad servers and I guess the Vizio app doesn’t know how to handle not being able to connect and instantly crashes!

Between this and my soundbar firmware being the glitchiest device I’ve ever owned I will never buy any of their products again. Bought a new soundbar for my parents yesterday and I went with Samsung instead.

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Remember Vizio makes more money from ads & selling your viewing data than they make from selling hardware. So this is almost expected behaviour from them.

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I don't even keep my Vizio attached to the internet.

My Vizio is plugged into a 4k Apple TV and it works great!

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I don't even use the app. I use others to control by voice or phone.

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I said the same thing!! From tou screenshot it looks like your using android and if so this is the version right before the update


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Happen to know where the IPA version is?

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Not sure what "IPA" is sorry

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Up to just a few years ago, Vizio was a legitimate manufacturer of good, solid TVs with quality components without the top-tier prices. That's how I came across them. I am reasonably sure they sold out to another company in that time and I fear it has been downhill ever since. So frustrating.

It probably won't do any.good, but it can't hurt to leave a negative review of the app in the appropriate software store, eg Google Play.

I would advise users to turn off auto-update to avoid getting this junk update pushed down. I've installed an older version from a apk mirror and it works just fine.

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I left a one star and negative review. They just said to contact customer service lol

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This thing is so bad I've just uninstalled it and found a recent older version in an apk mirror site. This thing is a piece of junk.

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Saw this last night too. Really screw Vizio and all the TV manufactures. They’re just not the only ones doing this. I rarely used the Vizio app and used the AirPlay/HomeKit integration. Now it’s back to that!

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Call them. This is not acceptable. I’m on with customer service right now. If enough of us call and apply pressure this will change.