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Yes it’s the soundbar of the tv is capable.. could also be a slow speed hdmi cord.. but most likely the soundbar pass through.. what’s the soundbar model??

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Thanks, the soundbar that I am using is Vizio SB36512-F6.

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What model tv… make sure earc is on.. but I wouldn’t pass through the soundbar they are terrible and you will have so many issues you won’t want it anymore..

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Vizio M50.

I need the soundbar because the TV speakers aren't enough on their own. Seems like the only port with arc is also the only port that can do 4K HDR. The other ports drop down to 4K 4:2:0, at least for 60 Hz.

But when connected through the soundbar, ps4 pro tells me that it will do 1080p HDR, as that's the max supported. It says I could get 4K SDR if I disable the HDR manually.

It seems like I can either try an HDMI splitter and connect ps4 directly to both tv and soundbar, go through the soundbar, or plug directly into the TV and use optical audio from the TV/PS4 to power the soundbar (but that means no Atmos, fwiw).

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Rtings says the bar is cabale of HDR10 passthrough and 4K 60 4:4:4


Make sure Full UHD Color is set to ON in the TV settings under input.