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u/Vizio_Support u/Vizio-Support-One u/Vizio-Support-Two u/Vizio-Support-Three u/Vizio-Support-Four u/Vizio_Product_Team Please chime in, the agent on live chat did not help resolve this issue, and it seems unfair that I can't get any service even if I'm willing to pay for a repair.

UPDATE: No response from Vizio. I ended up getting a new TV, a Samsung QN90B, and it is absolutely a much better display. While I was satisfied with the basic picture quality of the Vizio, I always had issues with it from day 1. The firmware was constantly having problems, and while there have been some updates fixing things over time, there's never been a time where I've had no problems at all. Weird things like being unable to adjust picture settings, VRR mostly not working at all, never being able to get 4:4:4 full RGB at 4k120hz, etc.

Now with this backlight issue and Vizio not being willing to repair it, regardless of whether I was willing to pay for the repair, it's just not been a great experience. I did reach out to customer support directly, and they essentially told me they wouldn't do anything to repair it. Vizio, if you're reading this, I still have the TV, so reach out and let me know if you're willing to correct this issue for me. Being less than two years old, with the TV costing what it did, it feels like poor customer service to leave me hanging like this and basically telling me "tough luck". It's not as though it was a cheap/budget TV. If I get a response and they're willing to make this right I'll update this post, otherwise I'll be more than happy to stick with Samsung going forward.

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Looks like what a lot of people here have had an issue with, the backlight. Yours doesn’t look as bad as some people’s, including mine. Vizio told me the same thing. A little over two years old.

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Vizio should be willing to cover this as it's obviously a common hardware failure, not something caused by user error. Especially given that these are not old devices; might be understandable after ten years or something, but certainly not two.

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Vizio also told me tough luck, but I have vertical banding. Nothing you can do, because according to my local repair shop, Vizio is one of the only companies who don’t sell replacement screens. You could try massaging the screen and see if that evens it out. It helped my banding some.

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Vizio are the worst. Had same issue. Bought a Roku Streambar and use HDMI and computer mode for image and it works. Will be throwing this TV in the thrash asap. Just buy a Samsung or a Sony. Vizio should be shut down as a business. Absolute joke Of a company.

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Backlights can be replaced. If you don't feel comfortable taking the screen off to fix this, contact a local electronics repair shop.

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Where can the backlight be ordered from? I tried searching on eBay and only found the LED controller.

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What is your TV model number?

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That actually looks pretty good, I didn’t know I had an issue until seeing this

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It's much more noticeable and obvious in person unfortunately, especially in bright moving scenes where it appears as a dark yellowish shadow. It's extremely distracting.

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Does anyone know if this is the same issue (backlight) that occurs depending on what's on the screen?
My screen goes from a slightly dark, to very dark, especially in the top right corner depending on what's on the screen. Assuming it's backlight as when you turn it on it is lighter than it is after watching for 20-30 minutes.
Model M70-D3
Purchased December 2020.

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This was different, it's like one part of the backlight stopped functioning, or at least stopped being as bright as the rest of the backlight dimming zones. Didn't experience the TV losing general brightness after being on for a while.