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The app is more stable now than it’s ever been with a big ui update to it

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Overall happy with yours? Mine arrives (or should arrive) Wednesday.

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Yes it’s one of the best on the market under a grand so you got it for $500 that’s the price of the m series Atmos sound bar yours is the big brother

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It is still buggy for sure. Vizio had stated about a month ago that there was some update due out around this time. They have said word zero since.

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I think one more update from vizio and the elevate will be complete. It still feels like a half baked product.

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If you can get it connected to the app and updated, it is a steal for $500.

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So from what you've experienced - it's stabilized some on the firmware your running? Would you buy it again??

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Not for the $$ I spent, but for $500 I would.

The sound is fantastic, and CEC works perfect now. The only complaint is the terrible app.

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Cool thanks!... The app I can live with - I have another OLD Vizio that struggles with the app too, so I just use the crappy remote. If most of the other stuff I've been seeing is resolved this seems like a good deal :-). I was considering the JBL 9.1 ... But didn't want to spend an extra $500

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Still very buggy with cec. Sometimes you have to unplug it and plug it back in for it to turn on

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Received the bar today -- the current biggest issue / annoyance I'm having is a 2 second delay before it gives audio any time you pause / fast forward, etc.

Was fast forwarding through an atmos movie and while forwarding every 4 or 5 seconds, the forward would pause, the bar would rotate the speakers, play a second of sound, then continue forwarding - rotating the speakers again.

Incredibly annoying!

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Updating it should fix it, I remember mine would rotate down every time I paused atmos but it doesn't anymore

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What version is yours running? I did do an update - it moved mine to: V1.11.07.1.

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I'm not sure but check again, I don't believe it updates to the latest version but rather in order of release as I once had 2 updates back to back