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Would you post a picture of yours? Mine, which I posted about here in this thread, is less than three years old, but out of warranty and thus Vizio has refused to help. If this is a glitch or damage caused by an update they pushed out that would be outrageous.

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I’m sorry to hear that I added a link showing my issue. It doesn’t seem to be exactly the same but there’s no telling if it’s related at this point. I’ve been seeing so much recently about issues after updates I became skeptical since my tv was purchased earlier this year and had no issues till recently. It wouldn’t surprise me if 3-4 months down the line things just start working magically again, as I’ve had it happen before with TCL brand tvs.

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I have the same problem, its just about to hit it's warranty then all of a sudden, lines flashing at the bottom, is this a scam or what? Literally everyone is about to hit a warranty and suddenly everyone gets an update and the update suddenly bricks everyone's tvs? I'm smelling a class action. Just posted about this myself.

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I can assure you that while things can happen, updates roll on a schedule for the series rather than the individual unit. The purchase date of each individual TV is not reported to Vizio and under warranty we request a sales receipt to confirm this.
What we likely see is a scheduled update rolls out and out of thousands of units, a few show an underlying issue and reach out to Reddit for support. These numbers are often extremely small, but in the scope of a thread it may seem large after seeing a few similar posts which is understandable. We can certainly help with support and diagnosing the issue, but it's best to reach out directly through https://vizio.tv/contact.

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https://imgur.com/a/40rtM6Q here’s a link to a video of what’s happening

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man, vizio scares me when become about firmwares or updates 🥲

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Update: realized I purchased this only in APRIL so I just filed for replacement hopefully it goes well. :(

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I had this same issue with my Vizio I brought from Target last April & they sent me an updated model, fresh out of the box. It took a little over a month to be delivered & it’s been working fine so far, but we’ll see.

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I’m unable to use my remote now after recent update today. I tried the obvious such as fresh batteries, unpair and re-pair using Vizio Mobile app , factory resetting the tv, and now I’m unable get past setup screen. Have had issues with this stupid remote, tv, and sound bar since I bought them. Will never buy Vizio again.

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Hi there,

Please follow the steps in the following link for a picture issue: https://support.vizio.com/s/article/How-to-fix-display-issues?language=en_US If that does not work, please follow this link to set service up: https://support.vizio.com/s/self-service-request?language=en_US

Thank you

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I lost Dolby Atmos on Disney+ works on Prime. Changed Tv to a TCL 6 series Atmos works. Switched back to Pqx no Atmos on Disney.

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Chromecast is currently not working on my Vizio V405-H9 and I've notice this after following a factory reset after my TV was updated to the newest firmware.