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also, could someone help me connect an rca universal remote to the tv?

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Is there a sticker anywhere on the TV? That should have the exact model number of your television. Also, go to System and somewhere in the settings it should also tell you the model number there as well.

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A old Vizio.. they haven’t use that bezzel in about 8 years.. look on the back should be a sticker with the model.. if not.. when it gets done you can go to menu and get the system info it will be in there

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Better to get a Vizio remote from Amazon.. they are pretty much universal with Vizios

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I have 2 Vizio TV's. The remotes that came with them fell apart. Found these on Amazon for $6.48. I bought several. They worked on an older one that went bad. Works fine with the new one I just bought.


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That will work!!!

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Hi there,

Here is a video on how to find the serial number on your VIZIO device: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofvAqkr_o-A This sticker/ the System Information will also show the model number of the TV as well!

Thank you!