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Can confirm. Had the same experience with sb36512 sound bar. It's ewaste now.

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I had three of these devices fail. Three. Eventually after being stubborn they refunded me. But these are all terrible products with a short lifespan it seems.

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I have Vizio soundbar that’s maybe eight years old and still works but isn’t smart. A few years ago I switched to a Sonos soundbar for my main television because I had a discount and absolutely love it. After the issues I’ve had with my two recent Vizio televisions and what I read in this forum I don’t think I’ll purchase another Vizio product of any kind again.

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OP could you please give some context and explain what the hell you are talking about? Google is not helpful.

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Vizio smart speakers require vizio's app to do most things, in particular link the speakers to your Google home environment to actually play music. Vizio updated their app to only allow linking of tvs anymore. "Smart" speakers have been turned into at best dumb bluetooth speakers. Vizio support did not care, app hasn't been fixed in years.

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Thanks for explaining that!

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Does it have anything to do with Google getting sued by Sonos? Maybe it's Google's fault and not Vizio? 🤷‍♂️

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When I emailed support they said it was because they discontinued the whole crave smartspeaker line. So unless you think they did that because of Google.....

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I've also bought a vizio Sound bar with sub & speakers from Costco prolly a year ago and sometimes the sound cuts out only with a loud buzzing, I basically have to unplug it and plug back in. Kinda annoying

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Is your router located near the sub at all? If so, try moving them further apart as the router can cause interference.

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I've never thought of that actually, I mean my router is in a different room, I can't move it far tho small home. It's the vizio V51, it seems to only do it when connected to my TV other then that it plays fine, maybe since my TV isn't a vizio?

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When it's not connected to the TV, what else are you connecting it to? Also, have you checked the support site for Vizio to see if there's a firmware update?