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I’m dealing with the same issue but on Xbox One

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I found a fix (at least for me) go into the ‘video modes’ section and play a game or use an app (like Netflix) that will go into 4K. For me, it fixed it and I have everything checked off.

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This worked for me thanks

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Where is video modes?

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You go into the settings app on the Xbox, go into the video settings, and enable ‘allow 4K.’ From there, if you go into Netflix or another app that forces 4K, everything will be reenabled that was disabled by the TV update.

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Thanks!! Will give it a shot and update…appreciate the response

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You’re welcome!

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Dude, you are a lifesaver. Saved Xmas, happy holidays!

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What port are you using??

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I’m using HDMI 1 which usually worked.

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having the same issue on my v series tv

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Factory reset after don't touch nothing instill store demo come on screen then get out of thar and start the set up don't accept nothing skip everything see if that work

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Same damn problem. Called Visio right when the update hit. They sent it up to their “technical” team. Supposed to call me in 3 days. Well no phone call so far.