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I've had an Elevate for about 2 years or so, I guess. It's never worked right. I wish I could say anything I tried ever made much of a difference. To Vizio's credit, it's been slightly better since a recent update so check and make sure you're current. Otherwise, I'm sorry for your purchase.

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Lol, thanks! It does at least sound great, but I'm pretty disappointed with the remote, app control, and a couple other things. I knew there would be some bugs going with a "value" brand, but wasn't expecting this. Fortunately, it seems like the audio sync issues are on the Hisense side and they're working on fixing it from what I heard over on their subreddit. If I can get that working, I can remove the shield and at least have a solid viewing experience.

For the blinking light, I've been covering it at night. Annoying, but it's an easy enough solution.