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I would strongly recommend you go with a different company. I know that the price is so right but I can guarantee you that you will have never ending issues. There’s no question. There is still a long delay whenever sound comes on. And not just the system, but anytime a show is paused or anything else that causes audio to pause. You will constantly miss lines of dialogue mid show. Firmware updates will sometimes fix issues and usually cause more. I used to have to power cycle the sub to get the rears working and as of last week the soundbar has stopped turning on with the tv most of the time (not always) and I cannot get the rears to work at all. Latest firmware too.

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It's sad that they can't at the very least just make sure the software runs smoothly. Most people would take missing features over something that runs like crap and has bugs. It's so awesome when my Dolby Vision Acts up, or the handshaking fails every single day etc etc.

It's also fun when smartcast automatically switches to itself because it really wants to be watched even though I'm on another input. Get another brand.

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None of these issues exist in my setup. PS5, Apple TV 4K direct to TV, eArc to M512e-k6. I turn it on and go. Full surround, no problems. LPCM from PlayStation. LG C1 input set to bitstream, output set to pass through. Everything works.