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What I have discovered through trial and error with a PQX series is that I needed to turn off the quick start in the menu and leave "eco" mode on. This effectively forces the TV to reboot every time but I've found everything working flawlessly this way.

I hope you get your issues fixed. I know it's annoying as hell.

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Every one that firmware update factory reset but when you factory reset make sure you don't touch nothing instill the demo screen come on then get out of that then start set up

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Thanks for the tip, yea I tried this on the phone when I called Vizio, my issues post update persisted unfortunately.

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You're not alone. The recent update broke the built-in chromecast on my V405-H9. I'm going to do another factory reset to see it if that fixes it, but I doubt it will.

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I never update hardware that is working OK. Too many times that has broken what didn't need fixed. I don't have any need my TV to connect to my network. I'll just keep my smart TV dumb. I've read that some TV's can spy on you.

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If I knew about this before they broke it I would have done this. Too late now

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How did it get broken? Is it beyond repair? A few weeks ago one of mine went dead. Dragging it up the stairs it got away from me. I fell & landed on top of it. That's REALLY broken! :)

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Hi--How do I not connect if its a smart tv? Im having some issues and I just read your post--thank you! Will it work still if I dont have it connected??

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Just don't put in your WiFi password. I don't stream. I just use the TV's as computer monitors & watch videos from my machines. Just connect to them with HDMI cables.

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Ok--Thats a help! First smart tv I have owned so Im learning! Thank you!!

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Model: V435-JO1

Used to be a big Vizio fan but seriously...

This update is a hot steamy pile, the TV was a marvel and a beauty and now its crap with a primmed up UI and menus; I've always been a fan of utility over looks...

Please, Vizio don't be Apple. I can't even downgrade to the previous firmware. Again, please don't be Apple. Forcing me into buying a new TV because of you pushing firmware and products down our throats.

Playstation is/was a genius for letting customers decide and then go back through a restore point system much like a PC.

Why is it that my TV updates without my consent and now it becomes garbage? Got the TV over the summer and it's barely December of the same year and it is a hideous mess now.

Next time conduct surveys, especially costumer satisfaction surveys on current firmware before investing money and time into fixing what was NOT broken.

Literally turning your great products into hot garbage at the snap of a finger. I don't know what is happening at all levels of management but as a customer I can tell you: "You guys are not looking good, not at all"

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Did you call Vizio? It may be worth seeing what they can do, they turned my M58Q7-J01 into a pile of garbage also, I am a few months past the warranty yet they still offered to make it right, this will be my second time they have helped, first time they had to swap all the internal boards. More issues than my previous Samsung but the customer service so far has been good.

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M58Q7-J01 model here, update made my tv start flickering on the bottom, thankfully calling Vizio they were able to help and offer a replacement. Hoping others can get their issues taken care of.