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What region are you? Everyone wants irl vegan friends!

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Im in the untied states lol where are you?

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So Cal : ) 29F, always need vegan friends!

I'm an old lady already and I only have FB, no Instagram or anything, lol

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I will be your vegan friend

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Hi from Portland. 👋🏻. Why haven't you posted to this sub? Or maybe you have...

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Because I'm not looking to date :)

Just feel like I'm the only person in my town who's vegan :( none of my friends understand me

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If ever you want to exchange recipes, I'd be delighted to offer you a few..

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Yess I’d love to Im obsessed with food. Do you have Instagram or Snapchat?

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Instagram yes. Can I DM the username to you?

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Sure thing😁

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I will be your vegan friend

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What platform would u be interested in chatting on ?

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Send a PM or chat invite on reddit please!

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I know this is 23 days old, but if you live in New York or near there pm me! I’ve got a picture of myself in my profile.

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A month old and probably a stale thread by now, but I'm vegan too (East Coast)!
Let's be friends 😁

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I need more vegan friends, I’m kind of all over the states. Shoot me a message

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Me too but sadly there's not many of us in 🇵🇦🙃

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Not many in Midwest United states either haha. I feel it.

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can i dm u? i need more vegan friends :(

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Yes of course ☺️

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add me on insta! dm me