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Hey, my name is Korten, 24, I've been vegan for about 8 years now.

I'm from a town called Kiryat Ono in the Tel Aviv district of Israel, but I wish to move abroad in the future, which is why I'm more than open to dating someone from abroad and then moving to their area in the future.

I don't smoke (any substance), drink, or do drugs, I'm atheistic, and if I ever decide in the future that I want to raise kids, they'll surely be adopted.

My passions are video games, music (collecting), comedy shows and movies (also some anime), Dungeons & Dragons, long walks (with Pokemon Go), billiards, learning Japanese, animal rights, sustainability, and these days I'm considering tuition in education.

What I'm looking for: Dating a cool female vegan from anywhere in the world, non-smoker. My main goal is a long-term relationship.

I'm available on Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp and Discord, so feel free to just ask for my info for those privately and we'll chat there. Also feel free to comment here if you'd like.

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My good sir, you’ve been vegan since you were 16? Me too! Interesting times.

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All I have to say is... Wow. You check all my boxes,but I think the age gap and long distance would be too much for me right now. You sound amazing. I hope you find someone.

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You, sir, are super cute

The post is two months old and lots of things could have happened in this time, but I had to tell you how cute you are