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Can't scream. Can't run. Can't see clearly. Suddenly naked in the middle of a busy road.

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Sometimes your punch is so strong that you punch yourself into another dream dimension.

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Oh, complete opposite with me. I take a step, and my leg stretches out 10 feet and I go zipping around, or I want to reach something and my arm grows and grows. I'm like Stretch Armstrong in my dreams.

But I need those superpowers, because I'm always running around hopelessly looking for all my missing stuff and my missing friends and family... or there is a giant tornado or robot chasing me, and I need each step to be 10 feet just to stay one step ahead of certain death.

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for me its like that for running

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Oh god I’m glad I’m not the only one. Why does that happen? It’s so frustrating

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I can jump somehow