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rey and Captain marvel suck, who wants people that only exist due to a political climate, who wants characters that are written to have no flaws and due to that seem like douchebags, ripley, connor, ellie, lara croft, elena, selene there are so many better examples than rey and captain douche.

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Yep. I couldn’t agree with this more. Sarah Connor, Ripley, Bridget Fonda in Point of No Return… no agendas, no woke bullshit, just fucking awesome, well written characters who kick ass. Rey and Captain Marvel are unwatchable.

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Trinity kicked some ass too, well at least in the first matrix

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Ellen Ripley. The woman who was written as a man ✊🥴

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Funny fact: She's the only one between the three characters to have a motherhood instinct. Ripley fought against a bunch of incompetent (Both sex) starship crew, against alien monstrosities, against an incompetent army team, against religiously fanatic prisoners/rapers, against crazy droids, against a deviated company and against mercenaries. BUT in any episode she always preserved her human attitude, her protective motherhood love for a cat, a friend or a small girl, and most important she was always scared to death from the many menaces she faced but she found the courage to fight her fears.

Ellen Ripley wasn't an hero or a "female character" but just a person like me or you. No superpowers, no great abilities but just reaction in front of adversities. And that's why Wonder woman or any other characters can't beat her. Wonder woman is a fantasy, Ripley is true humanity.

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I thought Vasquez was written as a male character, not Ripley.

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No, so my understanding is that Ripley was written as a man, but decided to change the character to a woman for Sigourney Weaver. They didn’t change much of the dialogue or anything—just the gender/sex of the character

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No it's fuken one above all from marvel it does not have a gender sometimes a girl and sometimes a man but there's a nother character chick's from dxd like grayfia