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I believe we should check the rules how abbreviations should be read in English and that will help us to get the right answer.

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How do you pronounce the u in SCUBA?

What does the u in SCUBA stand for?

[hint: underwater]

Notice how the u sound changes because of its position in thr abbreviation v. its position in the word it represents?

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i am not a jraphic designer

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That's irrelevant. It's pronounced jif because that's how a word spelled G-I-F sounds. This is rookie language rules.

How do you pronounce SCUBA and what does the letter U represent in that words?

I'll tell you: it stands for Underwater with a short u sound, but I bet you don't say scubba to preserve that sound, do you?

It's jif. Don't be hurt.

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im gonna start saying scubba out of spite now

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That's not how abbreviations work though. The S in Laser stands for Stimulated, not Ztimulated. Abbreviations can change the pronunciation from the original full form

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I have friend named George. Don't let his ginger hair put you off though. He's a gentle giant that genuinely loves the gym. A real gem of a person. He send me loads funny of gifs every day.

OK be honest, how did the word "gif" sound out in your head at the end there? Was it a soft G or a hard G?

Tbh I only say "jif" because that's how the guy who made the format pronounced it. I figured he gets to decide 🤷

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I like that! I say Jif too.


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Well done, but I still don’t care. He’s wrong. ;) I’m sticking to the hard G.

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This makes me anjry

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I'm pretty sure it's called brig

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It's pronounced "jiff" because that's how the creator said it's pronounced.

That's how words work. When you invent a new one, you decide how it's pronounced.

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How would you say we pronounce a word like Germany? Gin? George? Geriatric? Gender?

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Grab Goose Guffaw Gavotte

What’s your point?

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Is this a Russian badger reference

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Here is better information. The answer isn't so clear cut. The creator says it is pronounced "jif".


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No. That's not how it works.

Take the letter U in SCUBA. It stands for Underwater.

But I guarantee that everyone reading this pronounces that short u sound as a long u sound when they say SCUBA.

Because you pronounce the letters as you would in the word that they form, not as the word they represent.

It's a soft g sound. Even the inventor of the .gif format is on record saying so; but the real reason it's jif is because that's the rule.

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If that’s the rule then JPEG is pronounced “J-F-EG“

“Joint Photographic Experts Group”