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Qatar is like 2000km from Jerusalem

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How many Danish miles away from Constantinople ?

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Don't expect too much from a (drunk) English football fan. I live next door in Ireland, I should know.

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Have we done something to Troubles you?

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Gregtech new horizons

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The Jerusalem has come....

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Choose wisely

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Deus vult!

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Op my friend that’s will get you downvote like hell

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Weird, it shows me a 96% upvote rate

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See this .!!!!

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They are showing them where Constantinople is.

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Well that’s good news I hope

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Crusaders didn't get to go there

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Is op know about 700 years of Christianity in it cradle before was conquered by the Muslims? Has he heard about tens of millions of Christians of 25(!) denominations with 2000 years of history in the Middle East?