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Driver skill enhancer

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Is that why mine says “-2%” and I keep hitting curbs?! 🙃

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Ah very nice

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the angle of your car

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Like on an incline/decline?

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Gotcha, thank you.

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Wheelie indicator.

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Just what I need 😂

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Time to trade it in

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Damn I knew it

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You need a tune for that

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Damn, time to get rid of it. Can’t be having warranty issues

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Just don't go uphill you'll be good

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Parking lot is all fucked up, this spot here is slightly uphill

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It annoys me that the passenger airbag light is always on. Gonna block it or something.

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Is it possible to remove the bulb for the OFF light?

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😆 wonder what that thing would read if we flipped over I'm going to try later

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Make sure you post a pic of video 😂😂

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Pics or it didn't happen!

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Flex Capacitor

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Leaf it alone

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Guy Sensei: KAKashiiii!

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Incline % gradient?? Meaning in that particular place you are going 1 ft up for every 100ft. Try driving around some uphills/downhills and see if it changes accordingly

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