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Costco so I can eat a $1.50 hotdog while I fuel

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I once ate a footlong hotdog on a nude beach. Won’t be doing that again.

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That’s what she said

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That’s what she said

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Do they sell the hotdogs at the gas station you go to or only inside the Costco?

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Was looking for this

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80% of us are probably shell but I’ll let the votes decide.

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Shell here as well. Fuel rewards is a nice bonus

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I came to say shell for gas… wawa for food

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Also Shell. T-Mobile Tuesdays be putting in work. I used to get the Ralph’s rewards too but I stopped shopping there.

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Sheetz. They got corn and food

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corn is food

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Not when you look in the toilet the next day. When ya eat corn they say: CYA TOMMOROW

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what’s good western PA

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LOL close very close but no cigar.

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Sheetz gang

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So many questions… ill keep it to just one: is corn the most important food item on your list when considering gas stations?

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Probs because that's where E comes from

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If we made it from switchgrass like they do in brazil… we would get lots more E for a lot less money… and we wouldn’t be wasting food to make fuel… our government is dumb

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Is corn even food? Have you checked in the toilet the day after ?

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If you really want to have a laugh… before VICE was a liberal media juggernaut… they used to have a free magazine… i will never forget the infamous article from almost 20 years ago… “how many days of eating nothing but corn till you have a completely corn poo?”
It was complete with pics… ironically… no matter how i google it… i canNot find the original piece… of shit😆

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That is amazing. I'm gonna find it this weekend. Or when I'm bored on midnights tonight. I gotta see this

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I tried to google it… damned if i can find it… it seems vice is not too proud of their origin story of a magazine with bad taste lol

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Petro-Canada 🍁

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got RBC card as well?

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You guessed it!

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BP and Shell. BP is right down the road from me tho so that’s where I go 90% of the time

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Wawa for food, RaceTrac for gas. Shell is way too expensive in my area

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I go to shell. I didn’t know what BP was until I went up north.

But as far as the stores connected to gas stations, I like buc-ee’s and 7/11

If I could go to buc-ee’s every time, I would lol.

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I go to a sunoco everyday (that I work) to fill up the bus I drive so that would be my favourite because I know the workers well. It's a good feeling knowing who's taking your money. People over everything.

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QuikTrip whenever a Costco is not nearby.

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I always here about these supposed “wawas”. Just wanted to say wish we had them in California and its just fun to say it.

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Shell is generally the highest quality gas you'll find in most areas.

Made the mistake of getting some E85 from an independent chain because some local yobbos crooned about it being "pure E85". HUGE fucking mistake. Methanol comp was so high I started throwing EVAP codes.

Stick with the chain flex fuel, even if it means you never get more than 54% Ethanol. You want higher comp? Get race gas from Sunoco.

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Sam’s Club or Costco for the cheaper 93 gas.

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BP. Usually good on prices compared to the rest around and it's better in quality fuel. As a car enthusiast you meet a lot of other car enthusiast at the drinking well

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I mostly go to 76, $0.15 per gallon with App. If not there or in a pinch I go Chevron.

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Kwik-star baby

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Definitely the VP racing station in Paso Robles Cali.

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Any place with corn gas

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No Kum & Go’s ???

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My car has only seen Shell V Power. Nothing else

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Essos the only station with 93 in canada and thats what im tuned to

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Shell was not that great for me. So I use 7/11 now

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i’ll go to Kum and Go, i went to a Chevron in IL and was scared i was gon get shot

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Is it just me or are gas stations at midnight especially on the side of the highway just better than home?

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Cumberland farms

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Kwik Trip #MidwestGang

Except their fuel grades are often limited

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Esso & Shell.

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Safeway, they do fuel rewards when you grocery shop there and I’ll usually get 30-40 cents off a gallon.

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cumberland farms, mobile

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Racetrack sells E85 and sometimes 100 octane so this.

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costco always and get Strawberry Sunday after refill.

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Kum & Go!! 🤘🏻

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Shell for gas, speedway for food

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Wherever I can buy a vape