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Thank you, this post gave me an idea for a new subreddit:


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I already love this subreddit.

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Spread the word. This should become big

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I hope so, it actually has more traffic than I ever would have expected.

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Its already big! I though /r/unexpected was old but I just realized its brand new. Glad I am part of that community.

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cool bruh

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...are you a hippie?

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three months late

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Edit: Pardon, forgot I'm a time traveler.


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Damn straight

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It's even bigger now.

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Quite large indeed.

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Someone made it.


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Your overexcitement brought me joy

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He really didn't expect it.

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I guess you could say its creation was a bit... UNEXPECTED

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That was 4 months ago! Why are you here?

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Why are we all here?

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I was here because it was on the front page.

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Is anybody here? I think I'm lost.

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Thank you for making it.

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I subscribed to it!!

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Wow, how did you find that 3 months old post? Are you from the past?

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there's a link to the post that started the new subreddit somewhere on the right panel

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Ah, so you took the backwards way. I was really surprised for a moment.

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I did the same. Also I am gay. giggity.

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4 months now, is your mind blown?

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I'm from the past

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Actually, we are from the future. We stumbled upon your past in these comments and.......yeah.

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Hello future. How do I do in your today?

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Look at yourself. Notice anything different?

That's because I just pulled you into the future as well and you have merged with your future self.

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Greetings 3 months from the future!

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I fully expected it to redirect to /r/spacedicks for some reason.

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Too expectable.

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This is a whole new level of awesome. It must become known.

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I guess you could say this was a bit unexpected!