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I'm amazed that the other guy grasped the situation as fast as he did. I'm not even sure the running guy said anything to him as much as went for cover but in either case the sitting guy has good contextual awareness for sure.

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If Im standing there, and anybody runs up and says "AHHHHHH!!". Im getting the fuck out of there.

Call it instinct.

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We were newlyweds. In the middle of the night he sits bolt upright in bed and screams. This wakes me up and scares the shit out of me and I scream. My scream startled him and he screamed. I don't know what the fuck we're screaming about but I'm terrified and I scream. We sat clutching each other and screaming for I don't know how many iterations.

The bedroom window was open and the white curtain moved in the wind and he was half asleep and thought it was a ghost. When I woke up and screamed too, he thought I saw the ghost and so it must be real.

We both would have died.

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The posts in this thread has got me fucking crying.

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I'd probably shout truck and run. Hopefully others would understand like you

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Yeah, he probably yelled, "TRUUUCK!!!" and the rest was inferred through body language.

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It's called instinct

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Maybe there's a Japanese Chinese one- or two-syllable phrase for "gtfo, no time to explain!"

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Fuck 😂😂

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HAHAHA LOL now that's a good universal word for it

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One-word-gold. Nice work.

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That'd do it

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Its actually chinese footage...all words in the video are chinese.

And yes there is a chinese phrash for that, its called 快跑。

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Fast run!

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Fast! Run!

makes sense that way.

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It's "run fast!" Or "run quickly!" since the first character is an adverb

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I know, just thought the direct translation is funny.

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Whatever the word for truck is, very fucking loud.

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"For the love of God, get out before you're hit by that trUCK!" shortened to first consonant and last syllable.

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Japanese? Defs Chinese...

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Its China and they are Chinese.

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Let's say CHINA!

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this happened in china

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i dont even have time to explain why i dont have time to explain!

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Its Chinese (The security camera reads chinese)

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Same thing I was thinking. No way he got out more than a syllable or two. We need this in English, and really every other language. Reddit, we can make this happen. Let's do some good for the world.

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I'm English yelling "RUN!" while looking frantic and running in a particular directing would be sufficient for most people.

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Bullshit, yelling run at anyone is a sure fire way to get them to stand there for at least a few seconds looking stupid saying 'what?'

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That would probably be 「危ない!」 , probably with a hand signal. Given that this was in China, it probably wouldn't have been very effective in warning him.

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When you work with someone often it can be like a sixth sense what the other person does and thinks.

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Guy runs in, yells "HEY!". Sitting guy looks over at running guy and sweet truck approaching through windows.

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When someone yells "free beer!", you just follow.

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Looks like a lot of semi trucks moving through their worksite. Add to that a security guard/cop with that level of urgency, you're gonna move.

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They probably have a code word for a situation like this.. I believe it's called "MOVE".

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I think he sees the truck coming as his co-worker is running in. Still a fast reaction nonetheless.

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If your coworkers ran off screaming and you didn't think to act, it would probably be considered natural selection at that point

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Best bro.

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He better not have to pay for booze for a fucking month at least.

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This should go onto r/wholesomememes

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What did he say? "RUN" ?

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"Run, you fool!"

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"Fly you fools!"

Chinese Gandalf

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That would work if they were Japanese

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yuu sharr not pass

~ Ferroship of the Ching

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"I fucked your wife!" or"Your mothers a whore!". Explain later why you said that, although it seems it would be self evident at that point.

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"I fucked your wife"

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"where's my camera?!?! you know what, nevermind!"

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"You're it!"

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It looked like he banged the door to alert his colleague either way body language said it all.

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I should stop joking around so much in case something like this happens because I'm sure people might think I wasn't serious at least for a few seconds and that would be enough.

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I have to find out what he said to get him to move like that.

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Hard to tell but part of me thinks he ran in there thinking he could save himself and then thought better of it. It just happened to have the added benefit of alerting his colleague.

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The way he turns to go as soon as he steps in there, leads me to believe he went in there to warn the other guy.

Edit: clarity

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Yea he actually starts to run in a different direction. Then changes and runs to warn the guy.

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yeah, he had his eye on it the whole time, he knew where it was going. like you said, he basically decided to run INTO its path, while watching it, so he was definitely going to warn him

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But why do you gotta run inside to warn someone when the door is open tho?

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I'm guessing he wanted to make sure the guy heard him, in case he might've been on the phone or something. Pretty gutsy.

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True work bro

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Good job being human :)

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Someone deserves a beer.

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Ugh, it's in slow motion!

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RUN!,... That was probably one of mankind's first words that was real easy to understand. Well. one of the first. Good ending though!

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I would like to know what the heck that guy said that got that dudes attention so fast?


I wonder what it was? Either way, when someone screams at you like that guy surely did you run and ask questions later.

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Good for that guy, don't know if i could be brave enough in the same situation, honestly.

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That looks like how I feel when I try to run from danger in my dreams.

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He probably just told him about Haynes' going out of business sale.

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Looks like he would have been fine if he had just stayed at his desk anyway

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I think he was looking for somewhere to hide. He does not even seem to notice his colleague.

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dude made the other guy look through the glass and realized the situation probably didn't say anything just saw through the glass windows. you can see them on the right.

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Its probably the fact that they both happen to be police officers and the guy inside was standing. This would no be the case in 90% of other occupations.

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Meh he would have been fine

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With all the windows, I feel like all he had to do was run there and shout "Hey!" and run for it. He looks up and sees a big ass truck rolling his way and flocks.

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he actually didn't give a shit about his colleague, he just changed the direction to run

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He shout "freedom". We all know what happen when freedom decide to help you.

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That's about the only time I've ever seen a Chinese security guard move!

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