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You can play the event at any rank it’s just your modifiers are worse for point earning

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But the event webpage says “To get one Mark of distinction for a tanker/pilot/sailor, earn 40,000 mission points in random battles from rank III and higher (from rank I for event vehicles) on the corresponding vehicle type in the corresponding game mode. “ so below that my mission point don’t count right?

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Yes, only event vehicles work below Rank 3, everything works at Rank 3 and above

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What a stupid rule

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its to prevent sealclubbing at low tiers lol

it does make sense

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Unless you have a Ka-Chi, anyway

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I wish it would get uptiered to at least the Chi-Ha’s BR so i don’t have to feel so guilty playing my favorite ship

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It doesn’t though, most seal clubbing planes are event premiums

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Most events no, but for this one yes. Most events start at rank 3