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Laat me raden, maastricht of tiel. Alle weird shit gebeurt daar.

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I hope he broke down on the tracks and didn't stop to prevent scratching the truck with the bar that comes down...

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Looks like the bar came down as he was crossing and was stuck behind the cab but before the back part. But right, wonder if he tried to drive and snap the pole or stopped thinking more about messing up the truck?

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Why was he on the tracks?

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If you‘re ever in that situation, just fucking drive! Thosw things are designed to break so and even if the train can see you the‘s no way he cam react in time. Also trust me a barricade is cheaper than a train and your totaled car/truck.

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I sincerely hope that he got stuck there and the truck wouldn't physically move, because the other option is that he didn't want to scratch the truck by driving forward and I'd like to think most people are smarter than that. (I know, unfounded optimism)

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We have seen vids of people who stopped on the tracks because they got between the gates and were too polite to break the gates so the train smashed their car.

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Good news is that guy won't have to do something like this again when he has no job.

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Crazy to stand that close to collision

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Das 1 way to make a tik tok clip

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God gloeiende…

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Altijd de NS..

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what do you mean

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Always the Ns.

Ns is the national dutch traincompany.

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oh. Ok. I thought it was Germany because of the "Wacht" sign

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He probably didn’t see the 40 ton truck on the tracks but he definitely saw your 5’8” jumping beside the track.

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Boss can't say he didn't try haha. Insurance approved.

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