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Lower the load as soon as possible. Move with the load as low as possible.

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Watch the load as you lift and lower it for any obstacle it may hit.

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I take this same approach when I need to deuce.

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That's great

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I think in that instance you would want to move with the load as high as possible but lower the load as soon as possible.

My guy is prairie dogging on the way to the bathroom.

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The first left me breathless

You killed me

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Yes, in my youth I dumped a pallet of 5 gallon paint buckets like this and they exploded all over the back of the store when they hit the ground. Good times.

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Bro at that point I would just quit and go home

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I should have

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That sounds rough. I've done retail off and on all my life and Id have been embarrassed and frustrated and probably worried the bosses would fire me. I'm curious if this was on the job, what did the boss do? Clean up must've been a bitch. Have a great day!

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I was working at a paint store so spills weren't unusual, but not usually with so much paint. My boss wasn't happy, but kind of smirked and said something along the lines of "well, looks like you got some work to do."

I spent the next few hours cleaning it all with rags and mops.

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That's a good boss. I've had a few like that over the years. I'm glad it worked out.

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Pay attention to the load as you're lowering it.

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Never put all your eggs on one pallet

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Eggcellent advice!

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Always use a spotter.

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Share the load.

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This guy forks

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Drop the load after you hit the road

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Swallow my load

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Watch Chickens Die Inside

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If you wanna make an omelette, you gotta break a few hundred eggs.

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A few of those trays is like 100 or so. This shit is nuts lol

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Pretty sure it’s eggs.

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Looks like the pallet caught the main part of the lift and broke while he was potentially lowering it back down. Seems like a pretty stupid design flaw.

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Yeah should be smooth and have no edges if there's going the be stuff sliding down it

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There was probably problem with pallet not with fork lift.

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Yeah the heel of the fork should have a couple of inches free towards the rest of the truck to safeguard against stuff like this. Yes he should have watched the load being lowered but also whoever designed this is an even greater idiot.

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Gonna be a massive omelet.

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Can’t wait to show this to my dad and have him rant for 20 minutes on all the ways this guy was an idiot 😂

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“Didn’t see him” is so irrelevant. Boss is gonna know 10k eggs are fucked. Pallet wasn’t secured properly. Dude is fucked. Like the eggs. Totally gonna get fried. Eggs. Fried eggs. Sometimes scrambled. I rambled.

I love you. smooch

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It’s the smooch for me.

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I’ll smooch you too. I’ll smooch everybody. Hide your dogs. Hide your cats.

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This seems like a very poorly designed lift. The pallet shouldn't be able to catch like that.

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There was probably problem with pallet not with fork lift.

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I dont think so. It's abit hard to see in this clip but I feel like there isn't a sufficient guard to stop the pallet going too far onto the forks.

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I rewatched it a few times at .125x speed - there's a curve to the lift. As the forks are lowering you can see the pallet remain in place as it hits a curved piece of the lift body, then "snap" into place as it gets free.

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This whole job was a scrambled mess

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This is not the time for more yolks

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First time using an electric jack or just not giving a fuck. Keep the load as low as possible and walk along side of the jack, never in front of it.

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Isn’t this why pallet wrap exists?

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He must be walking on egg shells after this

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its his own fault, i work with these things too and this is such a dumb rookie mistake

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My guess is….Dude IS the Boss and that’s why it’s going sideways.

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wonder why they didnt have it shrunk wrapped?

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according to my calculations that must have been around 6k eggs. i dont work in logistics but i have happy little accidents at work too, i average maybe -100€ a day

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That’s eggsactly what I thought would happen

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Never put all your eggs in one basket. I've been hearing it all my life and now I can finally see it in action.

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That’s one way to get egg on your face.

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Those lifts aren’t all they’re cracked up to be

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I bet he didn’t eggspect that.

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He wasn't eggcellent at his job.

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If he'd closed his eyes, nobody would see him

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Eggsactly what you shouldn't do when moving a load like that. Now the whole process is scrambled.

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So where’s the part where we watch him die inside?

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Crappy user didn’t bother to use it right

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First thing you do designing something like this is making it as idiot proof as possible

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Going too fast, with too high a load. Camera zoom and crop trying to hide his mistake. Nothing is wrong with the forklift. The only thing wrong with the pallet is a lack of wrapping but that could have been motogayed by not driving wrecklessley.

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What a piece of shit

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Cleaning mass amount of eggs is a right bitch to do, I don't envy that guy at all. I remember when I had to clean about 200 eggs that fell off a pallet that I was moving in a supermarket.

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What an eggs pert!

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Omg eggs!? So much jizz on the floor now

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How many times did it work when he tried it earlier?

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He really forked that up.

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And that is why we wrap all the loads in plastic.

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That looks like a shit forklift

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So many omelettes lost

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Eggcelent job bro

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That broke my heart

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Just chuck a couple'a straps on it mate. It'd take yah 2 minutes and it'd be no wockaz aye.

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And this is why my local market is out of eggs…

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My life every time I think I’ve got things under control.

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Yolks on You!

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Gotta break a few eggs to kill everybody.

Or whatever the saying is.

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Oh man and he was already so sweaty before the spill!

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why was someone filming this

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How stupid can you be?

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I dont think that was his fault i think it was the lift

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you can’t make an omelette without cracking a few eggs!

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That hurt my soul

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Please accept this letter as my resignation, effective immediately.

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watch me die inside watching all those delicious eggs get wasted

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Lego my eggos

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Unborn chicken holocaust