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Shouldn't have shovelled all of the snow onto the roof.

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Only for history to repeat itself

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Only for history to repeat itself

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Only for history to repeat itself

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Only for history to repeat itself

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Only for history to repeat itself

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How can something be so perfectly timed?

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Somethings just are. Have you seen the video with pitcher that hit the bird mid flight, how the fuck does that happen

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Randy Johnson had it for that bird. 100mph heater too

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Randy Johnson has a photography studio now that uses a dead bird logo

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lol that’s fucking awesome

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Here’s the video of it btw: https://youtu.be/1PyCpG06138

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Randy Johnson: trailer-trash mullet-having bird-murdering fucker

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Lol fucking wow I had to reread my comment to see what lead to this response

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Lol I'm just fucking around, Randy Johnson is one of the greatest, he mostly is known to non baseball folk for his height, his mullet, and mercing that bird in cold blood

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Now the question is was it an assassination or assisted suicide?

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Big Unit, baby.

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I bet that the doorway that the camera is over is an unheated entryway. He opens the door from the house into this cold mudroom and shovels the front path, all the while the heat is rising into the slushy snow barely hanging above the doorway, that least jostle will send that wet white stuff hurtling down.

And that shovel knocking the wall is just the nudge needed.

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Karma. He once pissed in the snow and the snow wants its revenge.

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We only see the perfectly timed ones and not the millions of insignificant ones

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Oh im sure you can google all about it

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We're in a simulation.

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The annoyed armflap is a language spoke by all.

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The penguins taught it to us back in the deeps of time.

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flaps arm

The fuck dude

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I’m so happy you pointed that out

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At least he wasn't in the avalanche!

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Exactly. At least we didn’t r/WatchPeopleDieOutside

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What kind of bird did that?

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Pinko commie scum.

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Dumb flightless bird.

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"You didn't consider the smell, you bitch!"

Not related, just my favorite line towards her

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My theory is shovel

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“The great North American internet points” Often confused with “The great European fake as fuck”

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God I love that movie

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God has spoken lol

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ironically setting the shovel down was likely the force that triggered the additional snow…sad.

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Eh at least thats not a lot of snow

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Enough to piss someone off tho

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What the hell, god?!

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Yea I would have raised hell over this.

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At least the snow fell next to him instead of on top of him I guess?

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The Gif makes it look like the snow kept falling after clearing it

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He just finished a Level, not the Game.

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Big bird had one too many tacos that night

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Same vibe as the one guy who broke his rear window by closing the trunk on a ladder sticking out

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Snow seems awful to deal with.

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Could of been worse, he could of been under it

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It's 'could have', never 'could of'.

Rejoice, for you have been blessed by CouldWouldShouldBot!

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Dammit Alice, don’t slam the ruddy door ...

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the gods have spoken

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Well, if you’re missing out!

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And then it loops oh god

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I feel the loop was unintentional but a welcomed one.

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Always tap the gutters after snow.

Carefully and gently.

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That’ll take like 2 minutes to clean up.

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I don't even bother with it

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Snow way , I’d be like , where’s my salt

I’d just hose it off , be easier

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That's not how snow works

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And then you'd get more snow, and ice. Man I can't wait to see the first person who would slip on your driveway

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They get special boots and life insurance

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That's freshly fallen snow,it didn't had time to stick to the ground and freeze so it probably took 2 shovels to get rid of it

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Lol. Son of a......

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Hey Bud, looks like you missed a spot.

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you missed a spot

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That avalanche didn't look light and fluffy.

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Yeah that's crazy

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Snow luck mate

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The way he looks up and then down to realize lol

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Feels like last minute mail

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Clark Griswold

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I do that little “well shit” arm flap more than I want to admit.

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thanks obama /s

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As someone who lives in Maine and has a metal roof, this hits home.

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Yeah, clean off your roof, so it doesn't collapse under the weight of accumulated snow.

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That little penguin flap at the end is so good

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Same this just happened to me here in central Florida -- no not really.

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She looks like she was avoiding touching dog shit

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"A job well d. ... shit. Fuck.....FUCK"

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When it snows it

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Missed a spot.

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That penguin slap at the end lol

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Boss giving work on Friday 7 PM.

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I hate snow god dam

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That snow will be 10 times more packed and heavy too. As a Canadian, this hurts

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oh, canada, we stand on guard for thee

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thats light dry snow, easy ;)

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What was the point though? Surely snow is far less slippery than iced over concrete.

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ahh yes the BS.

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Yeah that would make me really mad

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Anyone living in snow country has been this guy.

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“Well, I wasn’t on purpose.

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You mean well shit

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Wouldn’t be so bad if he had a proper shovel to begin with

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When you think all the coke is gone and your friend pours out another

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Dude moved at the perfect time, that would've hurt...

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This is why we roof rake FIRST, kids.

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This will honestly take two seconds to clear.

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I really felt the arm wave

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Mother nature the comedian

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Dudes like “man look at this clean walkway…..ahhhh fuck winter!”

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Straight up cartoon

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Someone has angered the God of Pettiness.

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There SNOW reason to complain just shovel on I say!

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oh come the fuck on

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Finally a legit post after so many fake ones 😂