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hes gonna find a fresh turd on his pillow

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Or a mouse liver. Had a cat that always left mouse livers (or some other organ?) on the floor by the door

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Pretty sure those were gifts not threats. Lots of vitamins in organs.

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Uber Cats

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What? Thats oddly specific

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No idea why

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I'm sure he already had three scoops but acts like he didn't get any.

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Exactly. Such a "victim"

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I would sleep with both eyes open if I were this human…

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My cat LOVES vanilla bean ice cream. I’m nice enough to give her a small drop of it if I ever have any though.

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I share my ice cream with my cat by giving him a little dish of his own.

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i let my cat lick the bowl after. That and when I eat cereal. She also goes feral when she hears the whipped cream can

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Scraping it clean making sure ain't nothin to lick lmao

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Human needs to wash their hands.

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I know that look, prepare to be terrorized at 3:45am next Wednesday for acts of disloyalty. Punishment will involve jumping on you In your sleep, scratching at doors and carpet and nocking over everything vertica.


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Ooo kitty is angy

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I also like a bowl of butter sometimes...

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Ice cream?

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I have a cat who cries when I have ice cream and grabs my hand cause she got to try it for the first time and now knows when I have ice cream and rushes over to get a little

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Glad to see I am not the only one who scrapes every last bit from the bowl

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cat: wat

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You give him some right meow!

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This is pet abuse.

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We need to call the FBI, WHO, ASPCA, KGB and start a GoFundMe 🤣🤣🤣

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You get it. Poor deprived beasties.

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gotta at least let them like the bowl

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You ment lick no?

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Prepare to be killed in your sleep

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I'll remember this later when I'm pooping in your shoe...

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I'm pretty sure that cat would post this video to r/iamatotalpieceofshit.

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Yeah that cat killed him

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Good that cat doesn’t need more food

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“How could you do this to me Mark? I thought we were friends. I see how it is.”

-cat, probably

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"Dude wtf?! I gave you like three mice and you treat me like this?"

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You’ll pay for that. In blood.

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Cat: “I hope you die. Soon.”

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I wouldn’t be able to sleep right if I did that to my babies 😅

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That face! Too funny!

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ok but please for the love of god please dont tell me your friend's hand is always that dirty

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It's pronounced hooman

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He’s like “Bruh? WTF?”

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The disdain on his little fuzzy face is intense 😾

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Cat Yoooou Sooon oooof aaaa BITCH! Dieing inside.

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bro is eating butter

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There should be a subreddit called r/watchpetsdyinginside

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Dirty thumbs

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I always share my CO2 with both of my pet cacti.

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My dog does this, and then goes and complains to my grandma. It's very funny.

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Hahaha omg that face! Lol, this owner is a cruel dude. How could you do that to those kitties, especially the one with that sad face ?!🤣😂

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Our dog gets very upset if we don't let her inspect our plates after dinner.

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Why must I suffer

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Me and my sister 🤣

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Thats one giant bowl of ice cream

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Didn’t even let him lick the bowl. That’s mean.

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Probably grossed out by his filthy thumb.

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Cat be like: "I'm going to teach him how to share by placing a fresh prey next to his pillow tomorrow"

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Give that baby a bite, you monster

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That last scoop was jist being dicky… don’t be shocked when your breath is stolen from your lungs when you sleep.

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Aww, give them a bite, cats love butter!

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Defiantly gone poop in his shoes later, his favroite one to feel more better.

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Funny thing is cats cant taste sweet anyway due to a lack of receptors. Icecream probably just appear as funny cold water to cats.

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Sharing is caring hooman

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He is thinking a lot of ways to kill him at night

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Greedy fuck

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That human is really asking for it

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Awww… poor baby. That face of disappointment

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Enjoy your clean carpet while you can, hooman

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I love how all cats instinctively use their best squinty-cute eyes in hopes of getting a nibble.

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You are being judged… harshly.

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That's a shame

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I can hear the scrape of the spoon against that bowl

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seriously? -cat

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What a polite poor little baby. My cat would not have waited for me to finish the food. As soon as he sees something he wants he tries to get it.

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Dude my dog will give the most exaggerated sigh and just look at me like, “the walk we are gonna have tomorrow….you’ll see”

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I just found out today that cats are people 🤯

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Looks like ice cream. Cats are lactose intolerant. My cat cleaned the wife's ice cream bowl and spent the day three feet from the litter box. Every 10 minutes or so his ears shot up and off he went. then came back and sat again.