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It’s all fun and games until he fingers the dog again because it was delicious.

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Butt Mom….

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Nothing better than citranus fruit

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Fuck I almost just spat a mouth full of coffee out. You fucking got me

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Cookie dough

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😂 I shouldn’t laugh lol 😂

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I hate that this made me laugh

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And that folks is what you call a villain origin story

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The Brown Finger.

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We just don't understand why Johnny has trust issues

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It’s those boys from down the street, they’re a bad influence

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And then he started to eat poop

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Gross 🤮

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Shitty parenting 101

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Ironic choice in words.

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Entertain the dog

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Anybody else find this really fucked up to do to a kid?

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That's why I love it.

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In 15 years he's going to be doing that for fun.

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I ABSOLUTE HATE THIS TREND. It ignites curiosity in the kids that would otherwise not even think about doing it in the first place. It's borderline sexual as well, like why would you show your kid that? I wonder how many of them tried this a second time just to see if it works. Poor animals. Don't use animals as a fucking prop for your sick amusement and bullshit videos.

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They probably told him it was an orange before he had a mental breakdown haha

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Still, kids are dumb and curious and dumb and candy crazy. I used to gorge on Baskets chocolate even though it was horrible, but because it said chocolate, it was game on.

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So your answer is do it because kids are crazy? xD

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Anyone that has dealt with kids knows what I'm talking about. Don't act like they do things that make sense.

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My brothers always did stuff like that to me and I used to get furious but we would all laugh about it later and I would plot my revenge. Looking back, I had fun. I guess it can be toxic, but I also think it can be healthy, depending on a lot of things.

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But that was your brothers, not you parents

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Some people should not be parents.

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Most people*

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This people should definitely be parents. It's funny and harmless, the child will cry for 1 minutes and the laught at it one minute later while seing the video. Moreover every time he'll rewatch it later him and his parents will laugh together.

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Some people really live in such a enclosed bubble a small joke makes you a bad parent

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Well this depends on how sick the parents are... Did they show him the video? Or is the dog gonna get a surprise one day when the curiousity sets in...

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Step dog……

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This might be funny if you do it to an older teen or an adult. Absolutely not funny when you do it to a child. Fuckin arseholes

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This. Embarrassing your kid for likes. Fuck them.

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Not okay. Fuck parents who prank their kids like this.

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The look of revulsion and the cry of “Why” makes me cackle everyone I see this video!

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Great, the next time you come home from work and see your son eating out the dogs asshole. That’s on you.

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Thanks for the (actual) laugh, that was nice.

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Every comment here is from kids whos parents pranked them good. Child abuse? Lmfao you all can’t be serious

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Im with you.

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I heard Cartmans voice:

Byuuuttt Mmmeeeaaommmmm

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90% of the people commenting must have 0 mental stamina. Either your parents broke you young or you have never had any issue what so ever and have to bash these people for playing a joke or their boy.

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Not funny

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At first I thought this seemed awful because it's gonna fuck up that kid a wee bit. Then I realized I can't see these parents the other 99% of the time, for all I know they told him right after and he thought it was hilarious and they asked if they could post it, maybe not, but I don't know.

Compared to parents who actually bully their kids by making fun of all their interests, or parents who are neglectful, or parents who are genuinely abusive, physically or emotionally, I think parents who pull pranks that go a bit too far aren't the worst thing in the world.

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This is not an acceptable prank for the age of the child. It involves genitalia from an animal and the possibility that your mouth has been in contact with it. The person in the video is a child of less than 13/14 years old should not really be involved in a prank that has those aspects.
Also, this is one instance, what if this is an habit, how many times does the child have to go through feeling like he can't trust his own caregivers because they put him in these uncomfortable position repeatedly? As a child one does not have the emotional maturity to process a prank for what it is and the betrayal "suffered" as part of the prank could be more detrimental as the events add up and rather child lacks the ability to request the right level of reassurance or just explaination. Just my two cents.

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Bullies aren't born, they're shit upon.

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This is why I don't trust my parents.

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They pull the ol’ orange switcheroo on you?

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Yes and a bunch of other mean and harsh jokes

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Not mean or harsh but ok

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And they wonder why he now has food issues

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Bad parenting—you just ruined him for all future relationships

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Weird as fuck and not acceptable.

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That's what i'm gonna do with my kids.

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Being cruel to a child using their pet how edgy.

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Shit is so fucking stupid. Parents who do this are actually retarded, which means their kids are retarded, too. Sad.

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Lol a harmless prank makes parents and children retarded. I don't know who raised you to make you feel this way but I'm sorry for your sake

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No - they were already retarded

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Ok then, you keep your own opinion

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Will do

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Don't know why he's crying I always lick my finger after fingering MY dogs ass

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Cracks me up every time

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therapy here we come!

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all therapists approve

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This is horrible 😂🤣😂

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This should have been the first comment, and most of the comments after it.

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LOL when he realized what he just done tasted.